Kodak Black ordered to attend rehab after refusing a 2nd drug test

After testing positive for fentanyl, a judge ordered the Florida rapper to rehab
Kodak Black ordered to attend rehab after refusing a 2nd drug test
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On Tuesday, a Florida judge ordered rapper Kodak Black to attend drug rehab for 30 days after allegedly testing positive for fentanyl in violation of his bail terms. The artist, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was arrested on allegations of trespassing in the Pompano Beach area on New Year’s Day 2022, but prosecutors declined to pursue the case. Weeks later, he was injured in a shooting outside a Los Angeles nightclub.

Despite the drug test results, Judge Barbara Duffy allowed Kapri to remain free until March 7, which allowed him to perform at the Rolling Loud music festival near Los Angeles over the weekend. This decision has sparked controversy, with many people questioning why he was allowed to continue with his scheduled performances after violating his bail terms.

The rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, has stated in a Yahoo interview that his client was “shot in the leg while trying to help someone who was the target of an unprovoked attack.” While it is unclear whether this incident had anything to do with the drug test results, it does shed light on the rapper’s involvement in potentially dangerous situations.

This is not the first time Kodak Black has found himself in legal trouble. In 2019, he was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison for providing false information on required firearms paperwork to the government. In 2020, then-President Donald Trump commuted the rest of his sentence with about 20 months left to go.

Kodak Black’s legal troubles have brought attention to the issue of drug addiction in the music industry. Many artists have struggled with substance abuse, and some have even lost their lives. While attending rehab is a positive step toward recovery, whether Kodak Black can overcome his addiction and avoid further legal troubles remains to be seen.

The judge’s decision to allow Kodak Black to continue performing until March 7 has also raised questions about the justice system’s treatment of celebrities. Many people feel the rapper received special treatment, as most defendants violating their bail terms are immediately sent back to jail. The decision has also been criticized for potentially putting others at risk if Kodak Black continues to use drugs.

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