Overdose rates for Blacks higher than Whites for 1st time in decades

Blacks are trending upward in the consumption of powerful narcotics, a situation that’s become so severe that African Americans are overdosing at higher rates than their White counterparts for the first time since 1999. According to a report published by JAMA Psychiatry, the mortality rate for consuming powerful drugs exceeds that of Whites, which ultimately […]

4 arrested in connection with Michael K. Williams’ overdose death

Beloved thespian Michael K. Williams rocketed to national fame playing a gay gangster in the award-winning HBO series “The Wire.” He died in September 2021 from acute intoxication after using a deadly narcotic cocktail of fentanyl that was mixed with the heroin he received. The Brooklyn-born and bred actor was 54. The New York City […]

Connecticut health officials warn of fentanyl-laced marijuana amid overdoses

Connecticut health officials have issued a warning about fentanyl-laced marijuana as they investigate a series of overdoses throughout the state. On Nov. 18, the State Department of Public Health reported in a press release that there have been 39 overdoses requiring the use of naloxone for revival from July of this year through October. Each of […]

Rising comedian Fuquan Johnson dies from suspected overdose

Rising comedian Fuquan Johnson has passed away after overdosing on an extremely potent narcotic at a party early Sunday morning in Los Angeles, the media reports. Johnson was 42 years old. Preliminary reports suggest that Johnson along with two others died from a batch of cocaine laced with the ultra-powerful prescription drug fentanyl at his […]

Bobby Brown speaks out angrily after son’s autopsy report released

R&B singer Bobby Brown is speaking out after the autopsy of his late son was released to the public. As rolling out reported, Bobby Brown Jr. reportedly had traces of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol in his system when he passed away on Nov. 18, 2020. The family attorney, Christopher Brown, quoted the Centers for Disease […]

Immigrant doctor allegedly has his Black mistress tortured in forced abortion

An illicit affair with a wealthy and connected physician has resulted in the alleged kidnapping, torture and forced abortion of his Black mistress. Dr. Vignendra Ariyarajah, a Harvard-trained cardiologist from Malaysia, faces charges in Brooklyn, New York, that he masterminded the brutal torture of his mistress Paul Marie Raymond. Ariyarajah was allegedly angered that Raymond had […]

Prince’s family files new lawsuit in singer’s drug-induced death

Prince‘s family have filed a lawsuit against the doctor who prescribed him pain medication. The “Purple Rain” hitmaker passed away on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57, after an accidental Fentanyl overdose, The music legend’s home was laden with pills prescribed to Peter Bravestrong, which was believed to be the alias Prince went […]

Texas trio caught with enough fentanyl to kill entire city of Toledo, Ohio

The dangers of the opioid crisis took center stage in Toledo, Ohio, after a major drug bust last week. Acting on a tip from a wary hotel manager, police arrested three people from Texas who thought they were going to make $1M by selling the deadly synthetic opiate fentanyl. Instead, they wound up being arrested […]

Dr. Rod Edmond: Change agent in legal and medical fields; fights opioid crisis

Rod Edmond has put the city of Atlanta on a health alert. The Atlanta-based attorney, who also has a medical degree, knows law and medicine. Dr. Edmond is on a vengeance to end the misuse and abuse of prescription opioids – painkillers – due to overprescribing. He reveals, “In 2015, there were 300M opioid prescriptions […]

10-year-old dies after contact with opioid in Miami

Alton Banks, 10, went swimming at a local pool on June 23. The fifth grader at Frederick Douglass Elementary soon died after alleged exposure to an opioid on his walk home in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood, a hub of heroin and fentanyl sales. Health officials have warned that fentanyl and other synthetic forms of the drug can be […]

Child’s death from fentanyl exposure underscores opioid epidemic

Florida law enforcement officials are stating that the death of a 10-year-old boy is due to accidental contact with particles of fentanyl. According to the Miami Herald, Alton Banks, who was due to turn 11 in a few days, came home nauseous and vomiting after going to the neighborhood swimming pool. A few hours later […]

New fentanyl resistant to overdose recovery medicine hits Georgia

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning about two new versions of the synthetic opiate fentanyl. “According to a warning issued by the GBI: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Lab in Cleveland, Georgia, has identified two new fentanyl analogues, acrylfentanyl and tetrahydrofuran fentanyl. Both of these synthetic opioids had not previously been identified […]

Louisville public health crisis as 52 overdose on heroin in 1 day

The plague of heroin addiction has made news recently as people across the nation are overdosing at alarming rates. The city of Louisville, Kentucky is now taking center stage as at least 52 people have overdosed on heroin in a 36-hour period. Louisville Metro Emergency Services reported a string of 911 calls that started last […]

Prince had deadly counterfeit pills in mislabeled bottles

The untimely death of music icon Prince is back in the news after new revelations have emerged about the singer’s drug stash. Prince, 57, was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate on April 21, 2016. It was revealed he was seeking to enter drug rehab for an addiction to prescription painkillers. […]

Death certificate for Prince released (image)

The tragic death of music icon Prince is still fresh on the minds of many fans. Yesterday, news came out that the pop star died of an overdose of opioids. That announcement was made by an unidentified law enforcement official who did not have the authority to speak on the matter. Later that day, the […]

Deadly pill hits streets, 18 deaths reported

Police in Florida and California are warning the public about a deadly new drug known on the streets as “Super Pill.” The pill looks like a 2-milligram dose of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, called a “bar” on the streets. However, it is actually a deadly combination of Xanax and the powerful narcotic Fentanyl, which is […]

Killer heroin floods Pittsburgh

Theraflu… Bud Ice… Income tax… To many people  these words have common meanings; to the heroin addicts, the words are codes. The codes unlock a powerful blend of heroin and fentanyl into a combination that has left 22 people dead in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Fentanyl is normally used medically to treat cancer and is one […]