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Grammy-nominated producer JetsonMade launches music education program

JetsonMade is giving resources to the new generation of creators

Grammy-nominated producer JetsonMade has officially launched his new music education program, BoyMeetSpace Academy to the public with fellow award-nominated producers Tay Keith, Wonda Gurl and Pooh Beatz.

Through the incubator program, JetsonMade has brought together masterminds behind hits like Drake and 21 Savage’s “Rich Flex” to Jack Harlow’s “Whats Poppin” to bridge access and extend resources to the new generation of young hip-hop producers — all of whom have a chance at a music label deal through the program. The BMSA Academy is JetsonMade’s first fully-independent entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Tell us about BoyMeetSpace Academy.

It’s a school for up-and-coming producers, and not even just up-and-coming, but producers in general. They come to get some game for me, and a few other people that I work with just regarding every different aspect of producing. Not just making beats, but arranging, mixing, networking, etc. It’s a good learning space for all of those things.

What inspired you to create this program?

Just to give a different aspect to these producers instead of them going on YouTube and hearing the same thing. It’s to give them a little more personal feedback and gain insight.

What do you like about producers in this generation?

The main thing is how efficient they are, and they’re quick. Even with the newer producers that I work with, on a personal level, just as far as collaborating, it’s super easy. It’s really through a text message now. I might get some loops and I can cook them up and send them right back to them through text within 10 to 15 minutes. I think that the efficiency of the new generation of producers is always going to keep them ahead of the game.

What do you think makes a good producer?

Everybody’s level of respect is different, but for me, it’s someone who is just being original, doing them, and making good music. It’s not a guideline to it, and I explain that in the academy. I’m giving what I do, but [there are] no real guidelines to this.

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