Brittany Renner evolves from side chick

The Instagram model shares how she deals with social media trolls
Brittany Renner evolves from side chick
Image source: Twitter – @brittanyrennerr

Brittany Renner appeared as a guest on the Shaderoom on March 3, 2023, just days after her birthday to discuss life as a mother, her current relationship status, as well as her mental state. The Instagram model, author and personality is known for being controversial in addition to being a conversation starter.

Video clips from past interviews constantly go viral and lead to social media debates. And those appearances don’t paint her in the most positive light, as a result, some people view her as a promiscuous gold digger.

Renner shared one of the ways she moves past the the crude comments.

“I don’t search my name on Twitter, and I probably haven’t since 2015. People should definitely take that advice. Do not search your name on Twitter, [because] you’ll get your feelings hurt. I do not read comments, you know how Instagram is, the people you follow are at the top, so I’ll read the people I follow and unless I’m feeling frisky, I’m not scrolling past that. Overall, my opinion matters the most out of what anybody has to say. It’s not that I don’t care, I see it but what I think about me matters more,” Renner said.

Aside from ignoring the outside noise, she also shared how she remains authentic as an internet personality and why she chooses to use her platform to be outspoken.

“The overall message to me whether it’s from dating to personal, business, or whatever; I was assigned this mountain to be proved it can be moved. I’m going to show everybody that you can tell the truth and still get everything that you want,” Renner added.

Social media users chimed in on the viral interview.

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