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Fitness pro Corey Calliet is the architect of ‘Creed III’ cast’s muscles

How he motivated Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors to attain another fitness level

New Orleans native Corey Calliet is a body transformation specialist, motivational speaker and actor who has been training celebrities for more than 20 years. After training Michael B. Jordan for the previous two Creed movies, this time around he also trained Jonathan Majors.

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He describes his craft as personally designing the bodies of his clients. Each person he’s worked with has custom meal plans and workouts tailored just for them.

Calliet shared his love for fitness and helping others, and his plan for opening a gym.

What inspires you?

I love fitness. I love transforming people. Some people just work out to just say they worked out, but I like making people look good. I got into fitness because I wanted to look good. It wasn’t because I wanted to be healthy and live a long time. I’m going to live a long time, hopefully, I do. I want to look good while I’m living for a long time. So, I love to really transform people and just see how their transformation not only changes their life and physique but it changes everything.

What is the plan for your upcoming gym?

… I want to have a place where people can actually come and experience me in real life; not just online. A place where you come to be rejuvenated, and become inspired. Just a cool place to go to. I’m going to be opening up in October of this year, and it’s called Achieve Fitness. Just the word by itself means a lot to me. It’s my first big gym and I’m looking forward to that. Right now before the gym even opens, I said this year I was going to transform so many people across the world. So, that’s why I started my new online platform. It’s going to be the portal to that. I look at my gym as being one of those places where will you come to Los Angeles you want to go visit the Hollywood sign; you’re going to want to come visit my gym.

Where do you see your brand 5 to 10 years from now?

I see myself acting more. I think acting will take ahead of it but I see fitness lasting forever. What I have in fitness is I want to be putting other young trainers on and other people to be in the position to become me, because I can do this forever but I feel like there are other people that I want to continue to help grow and become better than me. I see [myself] being a household name. You will see Achieve Fitness everywhere. You will see me on the TV, you will see me on your phone, you will see [me on] billboards, you will come to my gym, and you can’t run from Corey; that’s where it’s going to be at. My thing is I want this brand to be able to last forever and for people to love it forever.

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