Jasmine Monroe shares process of working with brands as a beauty content creator

How starring in CBS ‘Big Brother’ allowed her to showcase her authentic self

Jasmine Monroe is a popular beauty content creator and influencer who appeared on season 24 of “Big Brother.” Monroe creates social media content for different beauty brands and outlets such as Pattern Beauty, Target and UrbanSkin Rx Skincare.

Monroe explained the difference between being a brand ambassador and a content creator, shared how seeing herself on a reality show helped her present herself more authentically as an online influencer, and gave tips for aspiring content creators.

What’s the difference between a brand ambassador and a content creator?

Well, I feel like we’re breaking down terminology. A brand ambassador is someone who is working with a company that either gets products for free or could be based on an affiliate link. I kind of work with brands behind the scenes but I also post on social media. So in regard to that, if I’m working with the brand behind the scenes it is considered UGC, which is user-generated content. This is the route a lot of content creators are going toward because they can focus on being creative, come up with these cool concepts, produce the content, and send it over to the brand. And then they can use it for whatever they need to use it for. However, you can also post it on your page and let it be live on your social media page to enhance your audience and the brand’s audience. So there are two different ways you can do it. But I [call] myself a content creator, because I come up with the majority of my own concepts and then obviously, I shoot and edit the content. So I don’t know, I feel like an influencer is just the starting term. Now we’ve all kind of moved into the content creation or content creator term.

Tell us more about your experience on CBS “Big Brother” and how it impacted your role as a content creator.

I was locked away for four months, but it was a great experience. I think that the most important thing that I took away from that is to be yourself and no matter what changes around you, whether it be people, whether it be your environment; it shouldn’t change you. I will be honest, there was a version of myself on that show where I was like, “Whoa, who is she?” and so it gave me that mirror to be able to look at myself and be like, “Oh my gosh, here’s some things that I love about myself,” because I didn’t know I was entertaining and funny, but then [there were] some parts about me that was like, “Well, you need to work on that.” It was really good and eye-opening and it showed me, “You just need to be authentic and who you are.”

Give us three tips for aspiring content creators.

Number one, charge your worth. Number two, don’t stop being you. Be authentic to you, be authentic to your messaging, be authentic to whatever you want to post, and I promise you, the people, the followers, and the audience will come. Number three, don’t stop, and do not give up.

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