Jerret Rosenborough shares the latest technology he uses as a cosmetic dentist

The dentist and music artist enjoys educating young people about STEAM careers

Jerret Rosenborough, also known as Dr. Rose, is a cosmetic dentist and artist who has a passion for bringing others joy through smiles and music. Rosenborough first discovered his love for dentistry at a Baylor University summer program while taking dual credit courses at Roosevelt High School. He practices at Rose Aesthetics in Dallas.

Rosenborough shared the current technology used in his field, how he educates the youth on STEAM fields, and the way he balances a second career in music.

What technology do you use as a cosmetic dentist?

We [have] AI facial scanners, we [have] intraoral scanners, we have machines that make ceramic teeth, and 3D printing machines. This is why I get to be a big kid every day. We literally [have] touchpad tablets where we get to draw and create teeth and do a lot of 3D things where it’s like almost animation of the mouth. So, it just gives endless boundaries of exploration of being a brand [that’s] able to predict a smile through a facial scanner and AI technology. Also, having the ability to wax up and show a smile to a patient while they’re here and do same-day dentistry [is important]. You can make it affordable too because you can make it in the back. So yes, technology has advanced it to make it more accessible.

What is it like educating young people about STEAM careers?

It gives me a way to have an outlet to know the message and that what we’ve seen is actually working. So, I talk about duality in life. I talk about jewels, bracelets and watches but I also talk about dentures, teeth, and which one holds more value based on society’s economic standpoint. I tell them, “These dentures and teeth really provide more richness to my people, versus the jewels and gold-like appearance to me.” So, I get to show them duality. I tell them, “Life is a journey, you’re gonna go through it, you have your own personal battle, and your own personal experience, but also, it’s something that lies in you and that’s God. We all must understand him.”

How do you balance a career in cosmetic dentistry and music?

… That’s the whole battle — being consistent. So, [how] I look at it is, if you do it long enough, you’ll develop the habits of actually getting into work and doing it. That’s how I was in music. I’ve actually been doing music before dentistry. … So the thing I always say is when you’re gifted and you have a work ethic; you’re going to be known for something. Dentistry is what I’m known for … but music is something that is part of my life that God has blessed me [with] to have an outlet. So, it’s a creative process. I’m very efficient when I go to the studio where I can [finish] a song in a few hours, because when I leave here, I [have to] go to work.

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