Brooke Jones focuses on sexual health and wellness through plant-based products

How the ‘Hidden Vault’ has strengthened relationships

Brooke Jones is a serial entrepreneur, social media influencer, author, and real estate investor who is best known for her health and wellness products. The Hidden Vault is a brand that specializes in sex enhancers for men and women to help improve sexual health and intimate relationships.

Jones explained why she chose this particular niche and what makes her products a game-changer.

How is The Hidden Vault promoting sexual health? 

It didn’t originate like that. There [were sex] toys, [and] it was mostly like an adult store. It took the reviews and getting to know my customers, for me to change the whole narrative. It became health and wellness because the reviews I was getting were, “You saved my life.” One guy made me so emotional, [he] brought me to tears. I have a Google review of [the] guy who said he almost took his life. He was contemplating suicide until he started using the product because his wife was about to leave him. A lot of people don’t stick around if the sex isn’t good, and he said he tried everything. [But] that worked for him and he’s a happy guy. I even read it a few times like, “Is this a joke?” So, it took a lot of reviews just to change the narrative. I[was] like, “You know what, this is not an adult store.” So, I changed the whole narrative and it’s all about health and wellness [now].

What makes your products stand out from other sex enhancement brands? 

What made [our brand] different was [it being] plant-based. I had to think of what can set [us] apart. [With other products], the guys [are] always complaining about headaches, they [are] always complaining about their chest-beating or their heart beating too fast, and they say that some of it [leads to] erectile dysfunction when it’s actually supposed to correct that. So, I’m like, “OK what will make you different from everyone else? Because you can just throw your money out there [and] just be like the next brand.” I [was] like, … How can I make everything plant-based?” Everybody is on a health kick and everybody is vegan. So, I just came out with plant-based and CBD products. [So, there are] no side effects, no toxins, and no chemicals.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or 988., or text HOME to 741741.

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