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Erykah Badu calls Blueface ‘trash’; he responds

Some Twitter users are nervous for Blueface after Badu seemed to ‘cast a spell’ on the controversial rapper
Erykah Badu calls Blueface 'trash'; he responds
Erykah Badu

R&B legend Erykah Badu rarely speaks out against other artists. But she was filled with such disgust at rapper Blueface that she used her social media platform to condemn him as “trash” and asked the universe to work against him.

Badu’s scathing words came after Blueface posted a video clip of himself in a tub with several pregnant women for a video, “BBD,” in the continuation of his mockery of girlfriend Chrisean Rock. He’s also said that women should expect to be cheated on by men.

In another Instagram post, Blueface told his 2.2 million followers, “I’m in n out bih life. I’m not Oscar proud.”

Badu, who is a renowned doula who helps deliver babies, found his actions and words repugnant. She commented, “He’s trash. Universe do your thing.”

Blueface retorted to Badu’s comment by saying: “W promo. Thank you universe.” 

Fans, however, are warning Blueface to move carefully. One person said, “I would be horrified if I was blueface, outta all people that can say this thee Erykah Badu was the one to say it. Words are powerful.”

Another person said, “this n—- bouta go threw [sic] it watch what I tell you.”

Blueface’s mother, who has engaged in very public feuds with her son, defended her son on this occasion and snapped back at Badu.

Writing on her social media platform, she swung at Badu, “Girl you was just calling Tyrone and paying his cousins and homeboys way don’t and ain’t nobody said nothing to you.”

Meanwhile, Twitter implored Blueface to walk carefully after Badu admonished him for his wayward behavior.

61 Responses

  1. Is Blueface Trash or the pregnant women that’s popping and shaking in the video with their unborn babies’ trash? Everybody got to eat. This is a trash world we live in now. Erykah Badu, I love your music, but don’t you have like 3 or 4 baby daddies? He without sin cast the first stone.

    1. Your comment at the end is irrelevant. Badu wasn’t out there popping her ass for fame and fortune when she was in relationships with the men that fathered her children. All of it is trash and she was right to call it. Have some respect for yourself and women. That Bible phrase got people all of of touch with reality.

        1. Like wack wack and that one stale ass dance he always doing! Thanks E he needed that like she said UNIVERSE HANDLE HIM🗣️🗣️🗣️

      1. Man please she can’t say shit different dicks going in and out that thang on a regular. People need to mind their own business.

    2. Actually she does not… She has 1 son named Seven by Andre 3000… Erykah Badu don’t go after nan man… She gives it to them 1 time and they go crazy… Do your research

        1. Instead of focusing on his disrespect to woman y’all looking for reasons to bring down another woman for standing up for a woman’s respect.

          1. This comment right here !!!!! Cuz how you gonna love “women” and allow them to be apart of the disgrace and degrade… she was right to do so and I hope those women respect the fact she didn’t come for them like they “sis” would !!!

      1. She actually has children with the DOC Andre 3000 and Jay e
        ELectronica, I believe….IN FACT, The only dude that Didn’t get her pregnant was Common….. Not that any of this matters.

      2. Seven, Puma, and Mars…..
        Andre 3000, The Doc, and Jay Electronica are their fathers and they are a huge extended gamely, they all (Erykah, her children’s fathers, her children, their other children, and their moms all celebrate special occasions together and she is the Dula for all of their other babies too friend….

        1. That’s called it takes a village. It’s how our ancestors did it and I think it’s awesome! JMO

      3. Wrong. She got a kid by Andre 3000, DOC and Jay Electronica. 3 different rappers.🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

      4. She has 3 kids and 3 baby daddies but that’s her business. She is 💯 right about blueface…TRASH!


      1. Exactly. Someone tried to put Erykah Badu down by saying don’t she have three or four baby daddies. So what to whoever said it. But she not out here disrespecting people like he is. Get it straight.

    4. She has 1 son and 2 daughters I do believe but what does that have to do wit how many Children she has Nd the Baby Daddies!?! Did any of them drag or humiliate her in front of the ENTIRE WORLD to see Nd hear!?!

    5. He better stay quiet I would hate for Andre 3000 to come outta retirement and ruin Blueface career and go back to smoking peace pipes🤣

    6. Both it shows his lack of respect for his BM and the woman in his video. That is a gift not to be disrespected like he did. The Queen Badu who rarely speaks was just pointing out how trashy this looks. Her life and her family has nothing to do with this issue. If you think what he did is okay then that means you are trash too and you don’t respect woman or yourself. Every woman should be bothered by what he did and the continuation of him disrespecting his BM. Wrong is wrong and stupid needs correction.

    7. It’s his behavior boo boo. Nobody cares about how many baby daddies or mamas they got, it’s how you carry yourself. But that went over your head 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    8. They trash and hes trash at the end of the day then pregnant women better hope karma dnt come take a bite outta them

    9. Well let’s see blue face disrespects women, but most of all the women who he laid down with unprotected and made babies. I would call that disrespectful trash. CHRISEAN well she not out d..k hopping like he p… shopping and she twerking which is considered exercise . You see just because a woman gets pregnant doesn’t mean her life stops quite the contrary right now she at her most energetic , women have been pop coochie for years while pregnant . Especially if they want to continue to do so after the birth .Great for the uterus and dial action and easy birth . Did you not see Beyoncé doing the same at the awards show I remind you . Love on top . Cardi b Bodak yello award do anything for clout . Pregnant ,As For Ms.Badu the number of children are their fathers irrelevant . This is about respect and know this none of Mrs.Badu children’s father have NEVER disrespected her as the mother of their children. So yes he trash and his mammy trash because she never taught him how to respect a woman or the mother of his children. Which is why he shows her no respect after giving his toxic ass life. MS.Badu was nice just saying he trash but he really doesn’t even deserve the title trash . He should really go somewhere never to be seen again. Talentless trashed out drugged out bum. And The Universe is about to unleash its justice along with Karma to finish it. Worn tolerate a lot but what we won’t tolerate is a tired ass supposed young man who looks like he old enough to be CHRISEAN DADDY INSTEAD OF boyfriend tired ran through and worth nothing disrespect a woman a pregnant beautiful black woman . We not having that. SO YES UNIVERSE TAE CARE OF THIS CRASH DUMMY LIKE ONLY YOU AND KARMA CAN. Did I answer your question?The Audacity

    10. She has never been ignorant to the music industry and blue face is a disgrace to all men and for anyone to respect him ur ignorant as well

    11. Bitch Sthu what do having 4?baby daddies gotta do with anything . Yeaa blue face is trash everybody know that . You ain’t getting no cool points for disrespecting your baby muva with her or not .

  2. It’s crazy how people will bring up her baby daddies to try to defend blue face. She was in a relationship with those men and NONE of those men have ever disrespected her. And for those that want to bring up outkast Miss jackson better listen to Andres verse again cause obviously didn’t listen to the lyrics he was apologizing to her mom for their relationship ending he never once disrespected her.

  3. Any female that is on here defending the actions of the boy’s ignorance needs a life check! Any female on here post about Queen Badu personal life to try to bring her down just know y’all daf. Bet if is was you being disrespected you would want someone to speak out on your behalf. Instead of standing up for this asswhole how about join together and stand up for his BM. All he do is constantly disrespect this woman! Y’all seriously need to make an appointment to have your head examined!

  4. It is evident that once again we allow this disgrace to happen. Only in our community we allow this level of disrespect. When will we wake up and see what is really doing on. The music industry doesn’t care about upholding any decency within the black community and we support their monstrosities such as this. We help to support their agenda to destroy the community with these images and music. I pray that one day we will rise to protest again this agenda.

    1. She needs to REMIND his disrespectfully spoiled little behind he came from a female 1st off and to disrespect the female race is to disrespect his mother and every female in his family and ancestry. What a weak minded simpleton and I couldn’t even understand 1/2 the crap he called himself saying, singing/ rapping . Needs to go back to school or find a different job all together HORRIBLE SINGER/ Rapper

      1. His whole career is over Ms.Badu calling on the universe is like Moses asking God to open and close the Red sea and he did …She is a high priestess in the spiritual community it’s over for u boi…. If I was u…. I would go run and apologize………. real fast!!!! Or go in hiding she gone have all kind spirit’s chasing ur ass

  5. Blue face ranked 9,999 out of 10,000 rappers. Dude really is trash. Another Ja Morant. Ain’t really grow up in the streets. He sought out the streets. Nigga used to be in a band with good grades. Was a good kid….Now he a crip, sad

  6. Damn. His mother had to use one of her MADE UP lyrics to TRY and clap back at her? Clearly she’s one of those “I know you are, but what am I ?!” b**ches.

  7. What we can do is pray for the unborn child that has to come into this world and will need good, Godly parenting! U pray that he gets his life together for the sake of this baby and the the mother will be at peace and have a healthy and safe delivery!

  8. Flu face is toxic and trash. Mediocre in music and trifling in human decency. Gross to think this is a man.

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