‘The One’ star Ashley Evans having fun looking for love

Hosted by Kirk and Tammy Franklin, ‘The One’ airs every Thursday on TV One

Ashley Evans is a chemist, a “professional dater,” and a reality star on TV One’s “The One” where she is featured as the bachelorette. Hosted by Kirk and Tammy Franklin, Evans is looking for a man who has a similar outlook on life.

Evans has a message for young women who may be feeling hopeless about finding love.

What is it like selecting the guys or sending them home?

That part of the process was really fun for me. I told the producers up-front, these are the things that I’m looking for and for the most part, they found guys who kind of meet that criteria. I knew that everyone coming on that show was looking for the one as well and they were already living up to my standards a little bit. For me, that part was really fun. To be able to date more than one guy at a time. I mean, who wouldn’t? What girl wouldn’t love that? I’ve never been the type of girl to date more than one [guy]. Once I have my eye on a guy and we’re dating, I just kind of stick to him. During this process, I was able to have two guys vying for my attention and that was fun.

What are five deal-breakers for you when it comes to relationships?

Number one would be someone with an addiction problem — an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or anything like that. Also, someone who is a cheater. Number three [would be], someone who is emotionally unstable. I don’t need my guy blowing up at me for no reason, instead of just talking to me. Number four is a guy with multiple baby[‘s] mamas. I’m not really into all that. I don’t have any kids and I want three. So, a guy who has multiple kids with multiple women is a deal breaker for me.

What advice would you give women in their 20s and 30s who are looking for love?

I would tell her to focus on herself, focus on her career, focus on what makes her happy, and become a better woman. The right man for you will come along and you won’t have to settle. You won’t have to tell him how you want to be treated and all these types of things. He’s going to already know how to treat you. I’m not say[ing] it’s going to be easy, but it won’t be as hard as chasing behind a man worrying about where he is or what he’s doing.

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