Chloe and Halle berated by Fox Soul host

Social media users are shocked by the rebuke
Chloe and Halle berated by Fox Soul host
Photo credit: Kathy Hutchins

Chloe and Halle Bailey are once again catching heat from the social media world after FOX Soul “Tea-G-I-F” host Quentin Latham called them out publicly. This happened after Chloe defended her sister against pregnancy rumors on Instagram Live, after fans assumed The Little Mermaid actress was pregnant by her rapper boyfriend, DDG.

Unfortunately, Latham also attacked Chloe’s character, looks and career.

“You know, this story … before I was indifferent about Chloe Bailey, and I know this story is about Halle, I can officially say I don’t like her. Chloe Bailey is so godd— lame to me. First of all girl, you are Miss Preppy Ashley from the suburbs, then you came out and you was being all promiscuous and s—, and now you trying to be a gangsta. None of it is f—ing believable. Girl, none of it is believable, and I’m probably going to catch a lot of backlash from this and without that makeup, she ain’t cute. She should have never shown up on that camera with that fat a– face without no makeup. She’s [sic] ain’t cute, you’re not believable, you’re so godd— inauthentic, that’s why your s— ain’t selling,” Latham said.

The FOX Soul host also shared his thoughts on the pregnancy rumors and bashed DDG in the process, believing this could damage Halle’s career if true.

“I don’t like people playing in our face. The girl is clearly pregnant, she’s pregnant. I analyzed that video, and it’s one thing to have the big piece on, but she was waddling, and then when she went to put the arm around the girl, the dress draped over the stomach. You could visibly see the d— bump. She didn’t shut down s— showing these old a– videos. If she really wanted to shut s— down all you had to do the next day was say, ‘Chile y’all know you need to stop playing, pregnant where? She’s flat.’ There was just such a cheap, quick, dirty, easy way to shut it down. Mama is pregnant. And listen the biggest concern is not her being pregnant at Disney, the biggest concern is her being pregnant from that godd— loser. Mama, we was looking out for you Halle. You done f—ed around and let this n—- trap you, because that’s exactly what he did. He strikes me as the type to put a baby in her on purpose. Alright, and we was rooting for you. Now I hope that we live in a more progressive society where it won’t affect her Disney stuff, it probably will now, because you can’t be around here playing a child and you a whole d— mama. But I think the Black community, and although she don’t belong to us and she don’t owe us s—, I just think we are grossly disappointed because we saw more for her,” Latham said.

The Bailey sisters and DDG have yet to respond.

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