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Crystal-Lee Naomi, Vivica A. Fox set to star in Tubi’s ‘Twisted House Sitter 2’

Crystal-Lee Naomi also landed 2 brand placements for her clothing company
Crystal-Lee Naomi, Vivica A. Fox set to star in Tubi's 'Twisted House Sitter 2'
Photo courtesy of Joel Harold

Crystal-Lee Naomi is an actress and entrepreneur who is the owner of SheHustler By CLN™. The clothing company also serves as a women’s empowerment and hustle brand.

Naomi recently landed two brand placements in Tubi’s Twisted House Sitter 2, where she plays the main character, Alicia, alongside co-star Vivica A. Fox.

The actress shared what we can expect to see in the dramatic thriller.

What inspired you to get into acting?

I was always performing as a kid, so my mom enrolled me in performing arts camps, classes, and schools. It’s just something I always wanted to do.

What made you create the brand, SheHustler By CLN™?

SheHustler By CLN™ was created because I wanted to wear clothes that spoke to who I was, and I knew that other girls felt like me too. There’s no shortage of brands that sell you on looking sexy or putting your beauty on display, but SheHustler By CLN™ is more soul, less surface, while also being sexy. It speaks to character and ambition rather than only vanity.

How does your brand align with your love for acting?

The entertainment industry is really tough to break into, so SheHustler By CLN™ began as a mentality for pursuing my goal. I had to be strategic and aggressive. I also had to bounce back from rejection quickly. So, having the SheHustler mentality was critical to get here. I couldn’t have gotten this far in my career without thinking that way. I started making clothes, and I felt so powerful when I wore them, so it became a clothing brand to make other girls feel powerful too.

What can we expect to see in Tubi’s Twisted House Sitter 2?

Twisted House Sitter 2 is such a fun movie with a million twists and turns. It’s a sequel to the original Twisted House Sitter. Now we’re seeing Alicia trying to take over the life and career of Pamela Dorian, a cosmetics empire guru played by the fabulous Vivica A. Fox. It feels like the movie The Devil Wears Prada mixed with Single White Female. It’s a riot.

What was it like working alongside Vivica A. Fox?

Working with Vivica was amazing. First of all, she’s such a vibe. I enjoyed working with her the most because we’re both visionaries and collaborative. It was more than just showing up and acting. We both dove into our roles and wanted to make the best movie we possibly could. We both are very hands-on, so it was the most exciting thing to create with her and act alongside someone I admired growing up.

As far as brand placements, what tips do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Brand placements are nearly impossible to get. Even though I wear my brand in Twisted House Sitter 2, there were no handouts. I fought for it, so that’s my advice. You have to get that SheHustler mentality in you. Fight, be strategic, be aggressive with your pursuit, bounce back from rejection quickly, and keep finding ways to make your goal happen.

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