How Treehouse Foods is making its mark in the snack industry

Company stands out among competitors

Treehouse Foods is in the business of snacking.

At the 2023 National Black MBA conference in Philadelphia, Justin Bell, Treehouse Foods’ director of diversity and inclusion, provided insights into the company’s presence and mission in a chat with rolling out.

Why did Treehouse Foods attend the 2023 National Black MBA conference?

The big part about us being present at this event was representation. I want to make sure we have the chance to be in front of some of the best and brightest in the world. We’re always looking for really good people in the supply chain and finance space. We knew this would be a good opportunity to meet many of the people who are in our sweet spot for the kind of work we do.

Can you tell us more about Treehouse Foods?

We are a private-label food and beverage manufacturing company. We make a lot of the foods people already buy for their grocery store today in the pretzels, cookies, and broadly the snacks category, as well as things like raw and refrigerated dough. We are publicly traded, and a big player in the private label space.

Which brands do you manufacture?

Lofthouse Cookies is one of our few in-house brands. We also make food like Crav’n Cheddar Crackers. We make a lot of great food for brands like Target and a few others. We’re everywhere; we work with a lot of great partners and we enjoy those partnerships. We’re everywhere.

How do you advocate for healthy eating?

A lot of it is making sure that people have the chance to have a lot of different options for healthier foods. We are intentionally off-brand foods. So in a lot of ways we try to compete but also provide them the foods that we think families will enjoy and will prosper through with these brands. So snacking is one of our big things, but we also find that it’s a healthier form of snacking [than] maybe some alternatives.

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