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Women of the Culture honors several trailblazers in the entertainment industry

Mona Scott-Young, Ericka Pittman, and Karleen Roy were honored
Women of the Culture
Photo Credit: Matthew Payne (@mycameraready)

Women of the Culture, an initiative by The Cî Agency, proudly celebrated the achievements and contributions of renowned entertainment moguls Mona Scott-Young, Ericka Pittman, and Karleen Roy at the prestigious 2nd Annual Celebration held at Soho House in West Hollywood California, with an amazing performance from Bee-B. The event, held to commemorate Women’s History Month, served as a platform to recognize the remarkable impact these influential women have made in the entertainment industry.

Mona Scott-Young, known for her groundbreaking work in television production and talent management, has been an inspirational figure in reshaping the landscape of reality television and music. Through her innovative vision and dedication, she has amplified the voices of underrepresented communities, paving the way for diverse storytelling.

Ericka Pittman, a trailblazer in the fields of marketing and branding, has demonstrated unparalleled leadership and expertise throughout her esteemed career. With her keen business acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence, she has established herself as a powerhouse within the entertainment and advertising sectors.

Karleen Roy, an acclaimed event producer and creative visionary, has captivated audiences with her unparalleled ability to curate immersive and unforgettable experiences. Through her innovative approach to event planning and design, she has redefined the standard for luxury and sophistication in the entertainment industry.

The 2nd Annual Celebration at Soho House in West Hollywood, California provided an exclusive opportunity to honor these exceptional women and their indelible contributions to the cultural landscape. Attendees were treated to an evening of inspiration, empowerment,and celebration as they paid tribute to the achievements of Scott-Young, Pittman and Roy.

“We are thrilled to recognize Mona Scott-Young, Ericka Pittman, and Karleen Roy for their extraordinary achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence,” said Cierra Brooks, founder of The Cî Agency.

“Their groundbreaking work and visionary leadership have not only reshaped the entertainment industry but have also inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions and break down barriers. We are honored to celebrate these remarkable women during Women’s History Month and beyond,” Brooks stated.

Women of the Culture remains dedicated to empowering and uplifting women across all industries, and events like the 2nd Annual Celebration serve as a testament to the agency’s ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusion and recognition of women’s achievements. Be sure to subscribe and stay connected via Women of the Culture newsletter via Substack  and Instagram (@theciagency).

Women of the Culture is an initiative by Cierra Brooks and The Cî Agency dedicated to celebrating and empowering women across various industries. Through a series of events, initiatives and collaborations, Women of the Culture seeks to highlight the achievements and contributions of women while fostering a community of support, inspiration and empowerment.

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