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How to get a criminal record expunged

Expungement is a legal process that allows eligible individuals to have certain criminal records hidden or erased from public view
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A criminal record can cast a long shadow, impacting everything from employment opportunities to housing options. But what if you’ve paid your debt to society and want to move forward with a clean slate? Expungement, also known as record sealing, offers a path to do just that.

This article explores the expungement process, explaining eligibility requirements, the steps involved, and the potential benefits of clearing your criminal record.

Understanding Expungement

Expungement is a legal process that allows eligible individuals to have certain criminal records hidden or erased from public view. This means the record is no longer accessible to most background checks, potentially opening doors to new opportunities.

It’s important to remember that expungement is not available for all offenses or jurisdictions. Laws and procedures vary by state, so it’s crucial to research the specific regulations in your area.

Who is Eligible for Expungement?

Eligibility for expungement typically depends on several factors, including:

  • The nature of the offense: More serious crimes are not eligible for expungement.
  • The outcome of the case: Dismissed charges, charges resulting in probation or non-custodial sentences, and some misdemeanors may be eligible.
  • Your criminal history: Individuals with multiple offenses or prior expungements may face stricter limitations.
  • Waiting period: Most states require a waiting period, often several years, before you can petition for expungement.

The Expungement Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

The expungement process can vary by state, but here’s a general roadmap:

  1. Research your state’s expungement laws: Familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria and required forms. Many state government websites offer resources and guidance.

  2. Gather necessary documents: These may include court documents, police reports, completion of any court-ordered sentences, and proof of co-probation or community service.

  3. File a petition with the court: Complete the required forms and file them with the appropriate court, usually where the original case was heard. There may be associated filing fees.

  4. Attend a hearing (in some cases): Depending on your state, a judge may hold a hearing to consider your petition. Be prepared to answer questions and present evidence supporting your case for expungement.

  5. Await the court’s decision: The court will issue a ruling on your petition. If approved, the court will order your record to be expunged.

The Benefits of Expungement

A clean record can offer significant benefits, including:

  • Improved employment opportunities: Many employers conduct background checks, and an expunged record can increase your chances of landing a job.

  • Enhanced housing options: Landlords may be more likely to rent to you with a clean record.

  • Professional licensing: Expungement may allow you to obtain licenses required for certain professions.

  • Peace of mind: Knowing your past mistakes don’t define your future can provide relief and closure.

Important Considerations

  • Expungement is not a guarantee: Meeting the eligibility criteria and following the proper procedures does not guarantee that your petition will be approved. The court reviews each case on an individual basis.

  • Consult an attorney: The expungement process can be complex. Consider consulting with a criminal law attorney for guidance and representation.

  • Not all records are expunged: Certain records, like juvenile records or federal records, may not be eligible for expungement under state laws.


Expungement can be a powerful tool for individuals who have made mistakes and want to move forward with a clean slate. By understanding the eligibility requirements, navigating the legal process, and potentially seeking legal guidance, you can increase your chances of a successful expungement and unlock a brighter future. Remember, expungement laws vary by state, so research the specifics in your jurisdiction and consider consulting with an attorney for personalized advice.

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44 Responses

    1. I did a total of 24 years in the Georgia system.Havent been back in the prison system since 2016.No murder,sexual charges or drug charges.
      I’d love to get it expunged.Its causes me to get denied for housing.

      1. You gotta appeal that and let them know that you haven’t been in any trouble for all those years since you’ve been home and let them know that while being incarcerated you learned your lesson and bettered yourself while being down… and let them know that people change for the better and let them know that you’re a changed man and you deserve a second chance…. I know this from experience cause they did me the same way but I had plenty of certificates that I brought home with me from all the classes I was taking in there to better myself so I showed them all that when I had appealed it…

      2. Write the governor of your state and let him know exactly what you’ve stated that you haven’t been in trouble for all those years,you don’t have to elaborate on what you haven’t done because your record will already show that. I waited forever to do it and then one day I was like I’m gonna write the governor or better yet I emailed him. I’m in Virginia by the way,and in less than 2 months I got the stamped letter saying my felonies had been expunged. It was 2 non violent drug charges in the early 90’s,so that helped a lot.

    2. I have 7 years clean and I even went back to school to get a career I’m certified in HVAC and they still giving me problems… I need help to expunged my record..

  1. With God all things or possible. 5 years at ga. All of us who made mistakes needs that chance. The Lord made the way for me to be ordained minister God made a way where they wasn’t away

  2. I have been out of prison since 2008. I’ve been trying for years to get my records expunged. Its stoping me for gettin job’s

    1. I have been out or prison for 2 years now and I am having trouble with everything. I have no jobs or no credit at all. Can someone help me?

  3. I am a 63yr old man I got in a little trouble in 99 senses then I pay my find off did my probate I am a veteran I am asking the court to expunged my records senses then I have not been in any trouble

    1. Go to the court house ask for a form to petition the court to have your record expunged or hire an attorney to do so.

  4. I committed a few simple robberies, an burglaries in the state of California. In the early 90’s an a false imprisonment in 2000 with an ex girlfriend. Know weapons were involved. I been release scene 05. An haven’t been back since. Is it possible I can be entitled to an expungements
    p.s. I’m from louisiana. Which I recited back home. But my charges are on California.

  5. I only have drug charge, pos, and eluing, i think theres 3 pos charges, i live in Orgeon , its been well over 25 years or more, can you help me, ? 458)
    255 3744

    1. I need help with expungement haven’t had a case in 20years been working ever since. The charge was a simple drug charge

  6. I think god that everyone need a second changer in live. Because the people In the courtroom is wrong sometimes too. Everyone make miss steak. Everyone to look back in they live and see you make miss steak to

  7. I did 3yrs for Burglary in 1983 in Missouri, the only charge i’ve had since 1983 was a BAC in 1992, So it’s been 30yrs since the BAC & 40yrs since the Burglary, i’m 61yrs old now, What’s the chances of getting my charges expunged???
    My Ph.# 417-423-4793

  8. I’ve held a Captain lic. For 20 yrs been on inland boats since 1978. First offense burglary of a building state TX.5 YRS Probation 3 controlled substance CHARGES ON 3 DWI ALL TOOK probation. No prison time . Been clean since 2007 and out of trouble like to have my gun rights back and my driver’s license reinstated. am retired no children not married . Living alone in Leon county Centerville TX.

  9. leon Murphy the last time I was in trouble was 2004 an haven’t been in trouble since what can I do .I’m from Fayetteville NC

    1. Mr Fayetteville, that’s where I’m from too maybe two years ago they had a free expungement program at Fayetteville State but you have to go to the courts and get a form and pay to file a petition on why this should be expunged and have witnesses sign and be there on ur behalf.

  10. To all of u it depends on the charges or charge certain charges can’t be removed. I was told to type in the state my charge is from followed by expungement laws and see if my charge is listed as be able to remove off my record. Now I’m no lawyer just somebody wrong place wrong time not even guilty keeps getting put off cause state screwed up and dont have enough evidence so just making my life hell a little longer as of now I still have all my rights gun permit etc. But that’s how my lawyer said it was done hope it helps u guys.

  11. Hey! Alphonso Guider I have joined Rebound Program. And I really needed the phone numbers so they can finish my expunged .I live in Columbia, South Carolina 29201. I’m Homeless and needed of
    Housing and the only way I can succeed in life so please can you send me information who I can Talk to!!!… Thanks!

  12. In CALIFORNIA on JULY 1, 2024, all persons with convictions that are acceptable for expungement .. will happen automatically.
    That is the law passed last year. So more can get jobs, without having to put they have felonies, etc. To boost economy and not prevent families from getting housing etc.
    Newsome signed bill, (awesome!)… starts July 1st

  13. I had a child endangering in 1981 I lost my daughter in the fire at that time in 1999 I lost my son this have been hard for me to deal with in November it will be 43 years. My son has a Sober Home and a Bingo Hall that I cannot volunteer at because of my record I can’t participate in PTA at my Grandkids schools. I would Love to open a Youth Center they need assistance really bad I’m reaching out for help

  14. I have 2 trafficking in Marijuana charges 1 on 1985 and 1 in 1989 want to get my record cleaned cause I have totally changed my life around

  15. I went to jail in 2016 I need my records to get be clean off my records so I could get a better job

  16. I got in trouble for the first time in my life . Hell I turned 33 in County jail then done a 120 shock. Never in trouble before and haven’t since 1996. When the Marijuna Laws changed I call to have my record exsponged it was no more than 5grams, Manufacturing and Delivery. The Marijuana part was closed but the Manufacturing and Delivery was not cause it wasn’t legal back then so I needed to have a Lawyer to take it to Court cause they are the only ones that could get it taken off.

  17. I’m Mary and I ‘m 69 yrs old where I am at the point going to need affordable housing and can’t get it because of a charge in 1974 and another in 2010 and it’s stopping me from good jobs can anyone out there help me or tell me what I need to do. Thanks for listening

  18. I was trying to get mine expunged to its been since 2013 was my last time getting in trouble I had a DUI nd back in 2005 when I had a Theft charge and I haven’t been back in Jail or in trouble with the law since like I said 2013 and I’m in need of help clearing up my records so I can start fresh.

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