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Pop Smoke’s alleged killer admits he’s not sorry for his death

19-year-old who only served four years for the murder gets released
Pop Smoke
Photo credit: - Erin Alexis Randolph

It’s been four years since Pop Smoke was killed, and recently one of his alleged killers was released from custody. Blockstar, who was 15 years old at the time of the killing, did an interview with “No Jumper” in which he talked about the incident, and it doesn’t appear that he regrets what happened that night.

“I’m not sorry about nothing. “It should’ve never happened, but I ain’t sorry,” Blockstar said. “If I could go back, I’d go back. But I ain’t sorry. People die every day. [Pop Smoke] was rapping about it. All types of stuff. So, I ain’t sorry about it.

“I send my condolences to the family. I wish it never happened but I don’t regret nothing. Growing up, my people, my family told me, ‘You ain’t sorry for nothing. Whatever you did, you did it for a reason and stand on it.'”

Blockstar was the youngest of the four men charged with killing Pop Smoke, and was released from juvenile detention after serving a four-year sentence.

Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a robbery in Hollywood Hills, and Blockstar refused to say if he or another defendant was the shooter.

“It was a robbery, nobody sent us,” Blockstar said. “Nobody did none of that. That’s all false information. Nobody was intended to get hurt. We were just kids being kids — kids from the hood. There was too much movement, too much going on. It wasn’t intentional.”

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