Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams

I am the sixth child & fourth son of Irving & Ruth Adams. They love me & I love them.

Black authors and books matter

I quote Wole Soyinka, August Wilson or Lorraine Hansberry because I will never accept the false premise and myopic perspective that classic literature only flowed from the pens of Shakespeare and those who looked like him. Authors from every culture, gender, and faith have created classic literature about love, pain, and the frailties of the human condition, but these classics have been ignored because Shakespeare’s acolytes aka junior high and high school literature teachers, continue to choose their Elizabethan God of literature over what is best for their students.

black power fist

Black rules

It’s not easy being pro-Black in America. On a daily basis, we are reminded of…

The truth about Jim Crow

Jim Crow never lied. Jim Crow promised colored folks death, injustice and the complete denial…

Invitation to assimilation

At a young age, African Americans are encouraged to speak, dress and think like White Americans, preferably White Christian Americans. This road of assimilation is paved with smiles, rewards and pats on the back. The purpose of these accolades and kind words is to convince African Americans that assimilation leads to safety and success.

Bernie Sanders: Activist or politician?

The progressive movements that ended slavery; secured a woman’s right to vote; vanquished Jim Crow; and legalized marriage equality were neither led nor organized by nationally elected politicians. Those victories were made possible by activists, everyday Americans frustrated by immorality and injustice

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