Alabama State alum Eddie Knight shares what’s special about attending an HBCU

Alabama State University alum Eddie Knight spoke with rolling out about his experience at the college, tips to help prepare students graduating next year, and what’s special about attending an HBCU. What was your experience like at Alabama State? I graduated in 1995, and I played in the marching band. I had a great experience […]

Kappa Alpha Psi chapter sues racist Alabama restaurant

There is an old joke that the late great comedian Dick Gregory used to tell about educated Black men in the South. Gregory asks the audience, “You know what they call a Black man with a Ph.D. in the South? A Nigger.” While the owner of the upscale Cypress Inn, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, did […]

Grambling State President Rick Gallot raises $1.2M via Bring it Home campaign

Grambling State University (GSU) is a place “where everybody is somebody,” and the current university president Rick Gallot is on a mission to ensure every matriculating student there knows it. In July of this year, the university embarked on a million dollar initiative to raise $1M by homecoming through their Bring it Home Campaign, which […]

Chicago State University in danger of closing: Alumni speak out

The state of Illinois is strapped for cash. Governor Rauner has yet to pass a budget and people are feeling the pain. Chicago State University is in the crosshairs of the battle. It has been reported that the school may close in early March. At this moment, the school has enough money to meet one more payroll. […]

Drive Social Club hosts Cass Tech’s class of ’92 fourth annual holiday event

Anyone that lives in Detroit knows that Cass Technical High school is one of the “good” high schools (Renaissance and King are somewhere near the top, too). And they have a strong alumni community with a huge “non-technician” following that they often network with, as well. This year, the networking was no exception with the […]

Thousands attend Morehouse homecoming 2015 

Morehouse College celebrated its 2015 homecoming weekend as thousands of alumni and friends returned back to campus.  The bonds of friendship and brotherhood stretched into the decades for alumni and it was marvelous. The fraternities on campus showed their colors and stepped showing old moves and new brothers. Spelman College also celebrated its homecoming along […]

Celebrity stylist Aaron Christmon on Beyoncé vs. Rihanna: Which is a fashion icon?

Fashion is what you purchased the other day from All Saints on Chicago’s famed Michigan Avenue. Style is what combined your gray Yosa sweater with the Pitch biker jacket, silver Restrain hot pants and the Manifest boot. Rolling out had an opportunity to chat with personal stylist Aaron Christmon. Christmon is a fashion enthusiast who […]