Iconic Patchwerk Studios releases documentary for 25th anniversary

PatchWerk Studios is not only known as the sound of Atlanta but it also provides a soundtrack for a culture. From the moment travelers deplane after landing at the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International, they hear the voice of Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens welcoming them to the city. Those voiceovers were recorded at PatchWerk as […]

Authentic Empire aiming to be Atlanta’s next big label

Rolling out caught up with Atlanta’s most sought-after music mogul, Boomman CEO of Authentic Empire. Authentic Empire currently has some of the hottest artists on its roster. On Saturday, April 3, Boomman turned 40 and celebrated his Birthday in a major way. He hosted AE’s Indie King Showcase and signed artist Doughboy D to a […]

Hamilton Park returns with ‘Leave It In’

In the early 2000s, four young men, Markus Free, Chris Voice, Anthony and Royce P., met at a park on the east side of Atlanta. The men formed an R&B group, Hamilton Park, aptly named after the park where they honed their gifts and dreamed about creating albums and selling out shows. After reaping success […]

T.I. and Hustle Gang: The revolution will be televised

Hip-hop collectives have always played an intricate role in rap. From the battle rap days of the Juice Crew, to the eclectic sounds of Native Tongues, to the Southern rap renaissance started by Dungeon Family, and to the ultimate rap crew, Wu-Tang Clan, hip-hop collectives can define an era through music, style and attitude. But […]

Artist 7AM passionate about music and new album, ‘Sober’

At 11:45 am, 7AM arrived at the rolling out studios — the artist know as The Actual 7AM. This young, sober-minded, free-spirited brother has an aura that consumed the room. Preparing for our social media live stream, we conversed about music. Through observation, it did not take much to recognize the new talent that is a diamond in […]

Sonny Digital listening party

Only a select number of producers who at the height of their career decide to switch gears and enter the game as a rapper. Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Pharrell are a short-list of artists that took the leap and have become successful. Decades later Atlanta’s hottest producer, Sonny Digital is ready to expand his musical influence. […]

Cannabis Club ATL stirs it up with ‘Hellraiser’ mixtape

Cannabis Club ATL is a hip-hop group out of Decatur, Georgia. Comprised of four members (Fruitman, Trapacana, N.I.L.E, and Manal), each is unique in their own right, and together they bring a distinct sound to the urban airwaves. The founding member, Fruitman wears many hats and is prominent in Atlanta’s underground artist movement. He is the visionary behind […]

Introspective Minds produce ‘BLACK’ LP

Introspective Minds, a hot up-and-coming Atlanta-based production duo, recently dropped an eclectic instrumental LP titled BLΔCK. BLΔCK is a 47-rack instrumental LP based on the sounds of J Dilla’s Donuts. Purely groove driven, there are a wide variety of sounds and moods, creating a sound-scape that perfectly depicts Atlanta. Dusty breaks, signature sounds and crisp sonics […]