Failed prison break leaves guards dead and injured in North Carolina

Authorities at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, are reporting the death of two guards after an escape attempt. The inmates were working in an area called the Specialty Sewing Plant and started a fire. At some point, correctional officer Justin Smith, 35, and Correction Enterprises manager Veronica Darden, 50,  died in […]

Inmates operated pickup and drop off service at Atlanta Penitentiary

jail cell

The United States Penitentiary in Atlanta is a sprawling complex not far from Zoo Atlanta and the downtown area. It is mainly a facility for medium to minimum security federal inmates and neighbors in the area during the mid-1980s told tales of prisoners easily buying liquor and cigarettes in the community and returning to the prison […]

Black man tries to outrun police, falls to his death from rooftop

Family members of Devon Wade, age 28, are mourning his death after an NYPD chase led to his death. According to police Wade was wanted on a bench warrant from a 2013 fraud case and police also wanted to question him regarding an obstruction of governmental administration case. Witnesses stated that police entered an apartment […]

Black history: Robert Smalls hijacked a ship and freed slaves

There are many untold stories of Black Americans who were a vital part of the emancipation of our people and the building of the United States. One such story is that of Robert Smalls, a slave forced to serve in the Confederate Navy and his daring escape that freed slaves and captured a Confederate ship. […]

Black history: Hercules, George Washington’s slave and master chef

Hercules was the slave of America’s first president, George Washington. Hercules was allowed to roam the streets of Philadelphia, which was then the capitol of the country, without being challenged. Because of his privileged status as Washington’s cook, he dressed in fine clothes and was allowed to generate an income. Washington held little regard for […]

Killers escape NY maximum security prison ‘Shawshank Redemption’ style

In what seemed to be a scene from the movie Shawshank Redemption, two convicted killers used power tools and tunnels to escape prison this past Saturday night. Prison officials at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY announced the escape of Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 34. The men were noticed missing after a bed check by corrections officers of their adjoining cells.

Dozens of girls escape from Boko Haram

The hashtag #bringbackourgirls garnered widespread international attention to the plight of schoolgirls kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram. Since then, the Nigerian military and various nations including the United States have become involved in searching for the kidnapped girls. Now, word has come out of Nigeria that at least 63 women and girls made a […]

Biggest bank robberies of 2012

Bank robbers Kenneth Conley, 38, and Joseph “Jose” Banks, 37, escaped from the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a federal prison facility in downtown Chicago. The manhunt is underway for the inmates so cunning that they escaped the high security at the high-rise lockup. It was like a scene in the movies. They knotted bed sheets together […]

Great Escapes: The Best Winter Travel Destinations

Great Escapes: The Best Winter Travel Destinations Freezing temperatures, blizzards and the unavoidable wind chill factor make winter one of the least favorable seasons. For those fortunate enough to avoid the cold, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best winter travel destinations for families, couple, singles, adventurers and the LGBT population. We enlisted […]