Great Escapes: The Best Winter Travel Destinations

Great Escapes: The Best Winter Travel Destinations
Teri Johnson, co-creator and co-host of Travelista.TV

Great Escapes: The Best Winter Travel Destinations

Freezing temperatures, blizzards and the unavoidable wind chill factor make winter one of the least favorable seasons. For those fortunate enough to avoid the cold, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best winter travel destinations for families, couple, singles, adventurers and the LGBT population. We enlisted the expertise of Teri Johnson. Johnson is the co-creator and co-host of Travelista TV, an online video network focused on travel, culture, lifestyle and entertainment around the world. So get ready to pack your bags and catch a flight to these great escapes.

San Antonio, Texas

For those parents wishing to vacation with the whole family, Johnson recommends San Antonio, Texas “This is one of these places with great weather, amazing Tex-Mex foods and it’s very affordable,” she says. When it comes to activities, Johnson notes the Bazar Sabado at the San Antonio Museum of Art, which features unique jewelry, furniture, clothing and more.

Turks & Caicos

If you’re seeking a remote and romantic vacation spot in the Caribbean, Johnson recommends, Turks & Caicos. “You can be on the island and be off on your own.” For entertainment, Johnson suggests taking advantage of hotel services, which often feature performers, great restaurants and beautiful views from your balcony or on the beach.

Rio de Janeiro:

Rio de Janeiro may have a lively night life scene but to get a real feel of Brazil Johnson says hit the beach. “To get into the culture, just go to the beach. If you’re friendly, you’ll get to know a lot about the Brazilians there since it’s like a big daytime party.” Other places to visit include Sugarloaf Mountain, the Cristo Redentor statue and museums.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Locations such as Santa Fe, New Mexico, attract both the LGBT and heterosexual population. “It is a relaxing hippie town that is open and friendly.” Some of the best activities while in town include getting pampered at the spa, sampling the cuisine and exploring the arts and culture scene.

National Brotherhood of Skiers

Not everyone needs warm sunshine and satin breezes on a beach to have a great winter escape. For those who enjoy frosty adventures, there is the National Brotherhood of Skiers, which regularly hosts events throughout Colorado.  Johnson notes that the organization, which is also open to women, is for those who, “… like to ski, rent houses, drink wine and appreciate that culture.”

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