The Honey Pot CEO Beatrice Dixon shares practical steps on building a brand

Beatrice Dixon is the CEO and co-founder of The Honey Pot Company, a plant-derived vaginal wellness line. She has leveraged her vast expertise in pharmaceuticals, retail, natural foods and personal passion for wellness and herbal medicine to build an innovative and disruptive plant-derived feminine care system. The Honey Pot Company’s system spans the ongoing needs […]

Cynthia Bailey, female CEOs discuss business during ‘Cocktails and Conversations’

As a part of Women’s History Month, rolling out‘s Sisters with Superpowers virtual conference kicked off the Seagram’s Escapes female-driven empowerment tour, a four-part virtual experience that allows inspirational women to share their stories on how they have gone above and beyond in order to thrive in their respective lines of work. The Seagram’s Escapes […]

Entrepreneur Adonica Shaw encourages ‘intention setting’ to achieve success

Adonica Shaw is an app developer and the founder of Surrender Circle, a California-based self-care and wellness tech company. She is the owner of the Self-Care Everyday Bookstore, and the host of the “I Surrender” and “Self-Care Saturday,” podcasts. She’s also an intentional mental health and self-care advocate dedicated to cultivating spaces that inspire and […]

Rapper T Star is focused and determined to tell her story

T Star is on a mission “all gas no breaks” she moves with purpose as she navigates the landscape of entertainment. The Chicago rapper is high energy and infectious. We spoke to her recently about her entrance in to the industry, recording her first song and what people can expect from her. Tell us who […]

Fake female Uber drivers go on crime sprees in New Orleans

Two women posing as Uber drivers in the same vehicle allegedly robbed a 22-year-old man in the Uptown, New Orleans neighborhood early Saturday morning, according to New Orleans police. A preliminary police report states the incident occurred around 6:27 a.m. The victim told police the women had picked him up on Bourbon Street and driven […]

‘Being Mary Jane’ suggests women take responsibility for sexual satisfaction

Last night’s episode of “Being Mary Jane” turned the heat all the way up and tackled a touchy subject for many couples. Mary Jane’s producer Kara was enjoying her new boy toy until she realized that he was all performance and no passion. Kara suggested her new friend approached intimacy from a mechanical standpoint and it left […]

Black females are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship, or the idea of entrepreneurship, has become an increasingly attractive option for millennials over the past few years. To have a business, and control your own schedule, sounds pretty awesome to a large number of college students and grads alike. According to Forbes: “The number of businesses owned by African American women grew 322 percent […]

Tiffanie Turrentine tells us why she doesn’t need a 9-to-5 job

Many people base their success on how much money they have in the bank; it’s the dollars that matter most right? Tiffanie Turrentine, a 28-year-old entrepreneur bases her success on what she can do to benefit you. In 2015, Turrentine quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur. Before that time, through the hardship of […]

Google Chrome and Cyrus Innovation support ‘girl bosses’ with #justnotsorry

african american woman computer

With the recent surge of female entrepreneurs, many women are throwing their hat in the boss pool and learning leadership skills through trial and error. With the unspoken conflicting double standards of women in the workplace, female leaders are usually categorized as either being too hard or too weak. While strong women are often labeled as “b*tches,” […]

Leaked photo of Jill Scott inspires black female body confidence

Many of the celebrities whose accounts were hacked in the recent iCloud heist, may be suffering a lot of embarrassment. Some of the photos that have been released on social media do show female celebrities showing all their God-given assets. But the leaked photo of super star singer Jill Scott is pretty darn classy. Scott […]

Female prisoners in California sterilized without consent

California prison officials have a real medical ethics issue on their hands. From the late 1990s to at least 2010 more than 150 female prisoners were sterilized without their consent. The operations took place outside of the prison with private hospitals and doctors and the state paid an estimated $147,460. The targeted women were already pregnant […]

10 facts about Atlanta Public Schools’ new superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen

Dr. Meria Carstarphen’s educational background, experience and annual base salary The Atlanta Board of Education voted unanimously on Monday, April 14, 2014 to hire Meria Joel Carstarphen as superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools. Dr. Carstarphen brings nearly 20 years of education and experience in diverse, urban public school districts including Austin, Texas, Saint Paul, […]

Colorado school bars transgendered 1st-grader from using girls’ restroom

(CNN) — Just like she did during the first half of the school year, first grader Coy Mathis wants to use the girls’ restroom at her Colorado elementary school. But school officials won’t let her. The reason? Coy is transgendered, born with male sex organs but a child who identifies herself as female. She has dressed […]

Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna Top the List of Black Female Singers of 2011

Singers like Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna have kept our attention with flashy costumes, fabricated controversy, and technical dance moves, but at the end of the day, talent reigns king.  A few ladies took our breath away and had people all over the world using showers as their stage. Check out the Top Black Female Singers […]