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jim crow

Attorney Irving Leandra Adams, Sr.

A lesson for Black children

Walter Cronkite was as much a part of my childhood as Big Bird and Mr. Rogers. The evening news was a staple in our home.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Eddie 'Big Cat' Odom, Mrs. Odom's son.

Real heroes of the South

There is no statue honoring Yvonne Bernadette Lee Odom in my hometown of Delray Beach, Florida. I would like to feign surprise, but I am

Kanye West wants to end Drake feud

Kanye West is ready to end his feud with Drake. Kanye and Pusha T became embroiled in a bitter battle of words with Drake after they

The truth about Jim Crow

Jim Crow never lied. Jim Crow promised colored folks death, injustice and the complete denial of opportunity and it delivered on its promises. The lies

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