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Lisa Bonet

Zoë Kravitz has filed for divorce

Zoë Kravitz surprised pop culture when she filed for divorce from her husband of just 18 months. Kravitz, 32, the daughter of beloved actress Lisa

Aquaman surpasses box-office records

Aquaman — the highly anticipated film that stars Jason Momoa in the fresh adaptation of the classic DC Comics superhero — hits the big screens

Zoe Kravitz makes big announcement

Zoe Kravitz is engaged. The 29-year-old actress and her significant other Karl Glusman — who have been together for two years after meeting through mutual friends —

Lisa Bonet gets married again

Lisa Bonet, who has always had a complicated relationship with stardom and has taken pains to avoid the trappings of fame (she is not on

5 beautiful mother-daughter duos

Nicole and Bria Murphy have two things in common: they are gorgeous and know how to walk a runway. Check out four more famous and fabulous

Sexy celebrity mother and daughter duos

Hollywood is not for want of sexy women or uber famous show business families. There are however, far fewer naturally beautiful mother-daughter duos than we’d

Celebrities with famous parents

Maybe the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree or maybe it’s just nepotism. Whatever the reason, celebrity families seem to be taking over

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