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5 Things Men Lose When They Commit

Let me be candid for a moment. While lasting love is the ultimate end goal to your relationship journey, there are a few things that

3 Things Black Men Love to Hear

Things Black Men Love to Hear “Say it again baby.” Privately, that’s what goes on in the mind of a man when a woman says

Man Lessons: The Value of an Apology

“Never apologize for something that wasn’t your fault.” I can still hear my father’s voice as he tapped into his inner Mr. Miyagi, while grooming

Kids Weigh in on Dating, Love and Marriage

One of my mother’s favorite TV shows used to be Bill Cosby’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” I can still remember how the off-the-wall comments

Man Lessons: The Art of Being Direct

I’m sure that if you tried hard enough, you undoubtedly could write some beautiful, flowery prose potent enough to metaphorically knock her socks off …

Love Quotables: Chapter 22

Last night, I aimlessly walked the streets of Amsterdam with no set destination in mind. Now, it wasn’t like I didn’t have anywhere to go.

How to Rate Yourself in Relationships

A major problem in the dating world is there aren’t enough people willing to give themselves an honest self-evaluation. This lack of internal honesty starts

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