Mac Miller leaves $11 million fortune

Mac Miller’s $11 million fortune will be shared among friends and family. The “Self Care” hitmaker left $11.3 million in property and cash when he died from an overdose on September 7, 2018, and his will states that the majority of his estate will go to his parents and brother, Miller McCormick, but a number […]

Man charged in connection with Mac Miller’s death

A man has been charged in connection with Mac Miller’s death. The “Self Care” hitmaker died from an overdose on Sept. 7, 2018, and almost a year later, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Fusion Task Force have arrested 23-year-old Cameron James Pettit, alleging that he sold counterfeit drugs containing fentanyl to the late rapper. According to an affidavit […]

Demetrius Nash: Mental health treatment needed to break the cycle of addiction

Throughout his early 20s, Demetrius Nash was known as a notorious drug dealer in the Chicagoland area. That lifestyle caught up with him at age 26, however, and he was sentenced to eight years in prison for a drug trafficking, followed by another four years on probation. While behind bars, he read several books, including […]

From Snoop to Lil Wayne: Does Black music contribute to addiction crisis?

At the head of Recovery Unplugged is Paul Pellinger, the co-founder, and chief strategy officer. A veteran of the addiction treatment industry, Pellinger has combined his decades of experience with his deep love of music to create the Recovery Unplugged treatment model that has helped so many patients reclaim their lives from addiction. Pellinger recently penned […]

How Recovery Unplugged fights drug addiction with music

The opioid crisis in the United States is a multiracial and multicultural phenomenon of epic proportions. Politicians have attacked the issue with increased sentences for drug traffickers and in most cases drug users as well. So far it has been a losing battle as images appear in social media of addicts passed out at the […]

Texas trio caught with enough fentanyl to kill entire city of Toledo, Ohio

The dangers of the opioid crisis took center stage in Toledo, Ohio, after a major drug bust last week. Acting on a tip from a wary hotel manager, police arrested three people from Texas who thought they were going to make $1M by selling the deadly synthetic opiate fentanyl. Instead, they wound up being arrested […]

Mom dies after cleaning up drugs from son’s overdose

The crisis of opioid use has a family in Pennsylvania grieving over a double tragedy. According to “WJAC News,” Theresa Plummer, 69, found her son Ronald, 45, unconscious on the bathroom floor from a drug overdose. Her son was a known drug addict and there was paraphernalia in the bathroom. Ronald was rushed to the […]

Attorney Dr. Rod Edmond talks tackling Georgia’s opioid epidemic

In April 2015, it was announced that Fulton County Government was suing multiple drug companies for supplying and distributing prescription drugs in Georgia at the alleged disregard of state laws and citizen’s welfare. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Fulton County by attorneys Dr. Roderick Edmond of Edmond, Lindsay and Hoffler, LLP in Atlanta […]

San Diego mom caught selling drugs at daughter’s private school

Kimberly Quach, 48, a mother-of-two has been charged with allegedly selling marijuana and pills at her daughter’s school, at Cathedral Catholic High School, where her daughter is a senior and tuition costs nearly $16,500 a year. She was arrested on September 28, and charged with dozens of felony counts, including providing marijuana to a minor over […]

Child’s death from fentanyl exposure underscores opioid epidemic

Florida law enforcement officials are stating that the death of a 10-year-old boy is due to accidental contact with particles of fentanyl. According to the Miami Herald, Alton Banks, who was due to turn 11 in a few days, came home nauseous and vomiting after going to the neighborhood swimming pool. A few hours later […]

New fentanyl resistant to overdose recovery medicine hits Georgia

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning about two new versions of the synthetic opiate fentanyl. “According to a warning issued by the GBI: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Lab in Cleveland, Georgia, has identified two new fentanyl analogues, acrylfentanyl and tetrahydrofuran fentanyl. Both of these synthetic opioids had not previously been identified […]

People dying as mass overdose crisis hits Georgia

The state of Georgia is on alert after police and public health officials are warning the public over a string of mass overdoses and deaths that have hit the middle portion of the state. In the past 48 hours, four people have died and there have been dozens of overdose cases at emergency rooms across […]

Deadly drug on streets of metro Atlanta kills after touching

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has issued a public safety warning over deaths linked to a killer drug on the streets of metro Atlanta. The drug is a synthetic opioid called furanyl fentanyl and it’s so powerful it could kill by a single touch or inhaled residue. A batch of furanyl fentanyl was discovered in a […]

Louisville public health crisis as 52 overdose on heroin in 1 day

The plague of heroin addiction has made news recently as people across the nation are overdosing at alarming rates. The city of Louisville, Kentucky is now taking center stage as at least 52 people have overdosed on heroin in a 36-hour period. Louisville Metro Emergency Services reported a string of 911 calls that started last […]

Feds ban synthetic heroin linked to dozens of deaths

A dangerous synthetic form of heroin imported from China has now been banned in the U.S. The drug known as Pink has been responsible for a string of heroin overdoses and at least 50 deaths. The drug is known to chemists as U-47700 and usually appears as a white powder and is shipped to the […]

NFL may embrace marijuana

Baltimore Ravens lineman Eugene Monroe recently took a career risk in becoming the first active player to publicly call for the NFL and NFLPA to remove the ban on medical marijuana and permit its use for chronic pain treatment. Based on much research, Monroe believes this move will reduce the league’s glaring reliance on addictive […]

Surgery tech accused of stealing syringes has HIV

When you go to a hospital you depend on having professional and caring workers. All of that came to an end with surgery technician Rocky Allen, 28, at Swedish Medical Center near Denver. Allen is accused of taking syringes of painkillers intended for patients and using the drugs himself. He is also accused of replacing the […]

Congress debating excessive opioid prescriptions

I’m going to make an educated guess: if each state gathered all of its heroin addicts in one place, many of them would discover — as New Jersey has — “Herointown” would be among its five largest. If we expand this new borough to include all prescription opioid addicts, “Opioidtown” would probably usurp each state’s […]

Attorney claims Prince died 24 hours after seeking rehab help

The story of megastar Prince and an alleged prescription drug addiction has taken full stage once again after a press conference yesterday. Attorney William Mauzy represents renowned opiate addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld and has told reporters that members of Prince’s team contacted Kornfeld for help. Kornfeld runs the rehab center Recovery Without Walls in […]

Percocet found on Prince, DEA steps into investigation

The untimely death of music megastar Prince, 57, shocked the world last week. Theories over his death are far ranging and include that the pop star may have been the victim of an accidental overdose of prescription pain medication. According to multiple sources, Prince had been in pain for many years because of a degenerative hip […]