Update: Child’s body found on compound that held starving kids

Orthodox Muslims in the Black community are in shock after news that the son of America’s most well-known Muslim leaders is implicated in what some would describe as a cult and now the death of a child. Earlier this week, rolling out reported on the story of Siraj Wahhaj, 39, and his disabled 3-year-old son, Abdul- Ghani […]

Atlanta area men hold 11 starving kids and moms in New Mexico compound

Since December 2017, police have been looking for an Atlanta, Georgia, area man named, Siraj Wahhaj, 39, and his disabled 3-year-old son, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj. The father took the boy from a hotel in December and told the mother he was going to take his son to a local park. The pair never returned and the child’s […]

Beard Game Matters group introduces polyamorous man with 6 girlfriends

Facebook’s fastest growing group, Beard Game Matters went off the meters again last week when Antuan Reddish’s girlfriend Syreeta posted a picture of her boyfriend along with his five other girlfriends in the group. “I think my man is sexy, he looks good. So I posted his picture with all of us,” she said. The […]

Afro pop artist Marenikae talks polygamy, concubines and womanism vs. feminism

African Americans have always speculated about the cultural differences between African culture and African American culture, especially as it relates to marriage and relationships.  Men have referred to the polygamist cultures in Africa as proof that having more than one woman is in line with the instinctive nature of the Black man. Afro pop artist MARENIKAE is […]

Could you choose polygamy over consistent cheating? Does honesty add shame?

I was having a deep conversation with a girlfriend who is seeing a guy with a known wandering eye. She filled me in on the latest woman she discovered her man was cheating with. She compared herself to the other woman and exclaimed her disgust at the fact that he would deal with this particular woman […]

Woman finds out her husband has 3 other wives, finds wedding photos on Facebook

Darnell Pixley, 49, is a ladies man. The black casanova has a wife in various counties in South Carolina: Aiken, Newberry, Richland and Saluda. The zaftig has been saying “I do” since 1988. Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said he’s been charged on a single count and surrendered. He was granted a $2,500 personal recognizance […]

Tyrese Talks Polygamy, New Music and Possibly Playing Superhero Luke Cage

In recent times, singer-actor Tyrese Gibson has made a name for himself as a self-help guru, shelling out words of faith and wisdom through his own  Twitter page. And in a recent interview with New York City’s Power 105.1, promoting his new self-help book, How To Get Out of You Own Way, Gibson talked shop […]