Tyrese Talks Polygamy, New Music and Possibly Playing Superhero Luke Cage

Tyrese Talks Polygamy, New Music and Possibly Playing Superhero Luke Cage

In recent times, singer-actor Tyrese Gibson has made a name for himself as a self-help guru, shelling out words of faith and wisdom through his own  Twitter page. And in a recent interview with New York City’s Power 105.1, promoting his new self-help book, How To Get Out of You Own Way, Gibson talked shop on myriad of topics including polygamy, his new album and comic superhero Luke Cage.

On the topic of polygamy, Gibson, who’s stated in the past that he believes it’s expected for men to cheat in relationships, explained that the practice is okay as long men are honest with their mates about their simultaneous “dipping.”

“If a man is going to move like that, then I don’t really think it needs a title. The title polygamy is just like a concept of you moving around,” said Gibson. “Just ‘do you’ but my thing is, if you’re going to move around like that, get your pimpin’ right and at least give the girls a heads up because I think the dipping off five-six women simultaneously making them all think they’re the only one, that’s when people get fired up at the end.”

Gibson also discussed his upcoming album, Open Invitation, explaining that he’s grateful for his successful acting career, but wants to step back into the music scene and add his own touch to the ailing world of R&B.

“I’ve been blessed to do these films, but I think my music fans (are) real frustrated,” Tyrese mused. “It’s a lot of other kinds of R&B going on right now. No disrespect; I’m glad they’re keeping it alive, but I think the spirit and the integrity of R&B has just went in the wrong direction.” He added. “A lot of people singing about sex, and you don’t want to have sex to their music.”

Although music is his focus, right now, Gibson discussed his determination about potentially playing Marvel comics superhero Luke Cage in the languishing film adaptation for the character.

“I’m one of the dudes in the running. I’m in the front of the running,” he said. “I just hope Marvel gets it together. They gotta make this black superhero a priority, man.”

Open Invitation hits stores on Nov. 1. – nicholas robinson

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