Brandy and Monica Reveal How They Really Feel About ‘Basketball Wives’: Photos of Chummy Reality Stars

Ever since Monica married NBA star Shannon Brown last year, many fans have been wondering if the former reality TV vet plans on joining the cast of the catfight-driven drama-fest “Basketball Wives.” Though the singer has remained relatively mum on the topic, she and her singing BFF Brandy recently opened up about the show and shared how they really feel about the cast.

“As far as the show goes, I have no judgment that I place on other people. I wish every single one of them the best,” Monica told the “Russ Parr Morning Show.”

And though the ladies of “BBW” can regularly be seen throwing verbal and physical jabs at each other on the show, Monica says that it’s not fair to judge them off their on-screen disputes.

“If you meet women who are on the show, you’d be surprised by how many of them are genuinely really good people. You can’t judge people, especially by the things you see strictly on television, especially for an hour, one day a week,” said Monica.

Though the “Wives” may get a bad rep, the ladies of the show have surely carved out successful careers for themselves thanks to their notoriety and that’s something Monica says she’s proud of.

“I’m excited to see a lot of them. They have lip-glosses and clothing lines. It opened a lot of doors,” said Monica. “There’s a reason they chose that path. Hopefully, that path takes them to all the other places they want to be.”

Speaking of her own life as a baller’s wife, Monica said that her marriage to Brown had nothing to do with his career and everything to do with their connection.

“I am very happily married, and I think that the reason I am so happy in my marriage is because I don’t look at him just as an athlete. We didn’t meet under false pretenses. We met each other as Shannon and Monica,” said Monica, adding that she would love him even if he weren’t an NBA star. “It’s my job to support, uplift and be there.”

Brandy, who dated Lakers star Kobe Bryant and was engaged to Orlando’s Quentin Richardson, also chimed in about dating an NBA star.

“As far as dating a basketball player, it wasn’t about dating a basketball player. It was about the connection between the other person and myself,” she said.

And in regards to “BBW,” Brandy, who’s also had her own reality show, revealed that she’s a major fan. “That’s like my favorite show. It’s entertaining to me,” she said.

Well, it’s rare to see such camaraderie within the industry, let alone amongst reality TV stars. Below you can check out Brandy and Monica and other reality show stars getting chummy off camera. –nicholas robinson


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