Tammie Grant and Stevie J

Stevie J Allegedly Expecting With A Mystery Woman

Is a standout star from ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Atlanta expecting a baby with a woman who’s not his baby mama nor his prized stripper turned fiancée? That’s the rumor that’s swirling today after a tipster contacted rollingout with news of Stevie J’s latest doggish ways. J, who previously confirmed that he has more baby’s mothers than Lil Wayne (5 to be exact), is said to have impregnated yet another woman, Tammie Grant.

According to a source, the ex-wife of former NBA player Gary Grant is with child from the ex-boyfriend of Mimi Faust turned would-be fiancé of Joseline Hernandez. And while Tammie and Stevie reportedly only recently became romantically involved, they are thrilled with their “planned pregnancy” and have had talks of marriage. The couple is said to want to keep their relationship details “private.”

While we’re still waiting to hear confirmation on this rumored “secret child” story, rollingout can confirm one element of the pair’s relationship.

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