Kim Kardashian, Shaq: The 10 Best and Worst Celebrity DJs

Spinderella asks, "What about the DJs that bleed this culture?"

“DJ’s are the new rock stars, it feels like the right time to make this show,” Simon Cowell said when he announced a new reality show to crown the best DJs in the world.

Several celebrities have read that memo, and are popping up everywhere with turntables, hype-men and headphones — and calling themselves DJs.

Some celebrities, such as Boy George and Idris Elba, (aka Big Dris) have been on the grind for years and have earned solid reputations in the dj booth. Others, (DJ Lindsay Lohan?) don’t fare so well.

Spinderella blasted the famous faux djs on Twitter:

DJing is just a ‘trend’ now. artists jump on the bandwagon cause its the ‘in’ career move. What about real DJs that ‘bleed’ this culture?”

“Record sales down? Become a DJ? FOH. First DJ AK-47, (Alicia Keys) and now DJ wih wih wiggety Wayne? WTH who’s next?”


For music lovers, djs and club-goers, star power doesn’t have much currency in the DJ booth, and fans want these 10 celebrities to stick to their day jobs. Take a look.


DJ AK47 ALicia Keys.
Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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