‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast, rappers banned from ‘Mob Wives’ premiere party

In what could be classified as hilarious, outrageous, ridiculous or all three, a party that hosted the wives of cold-blooded killers and gangsters had the audacity to ban the cast of “Love and Hip Hop” and all rappers from entering.

The cast of “Mob Wives” hosted a premiere party at Frames NYC, but venue manager Frayda Resnick sent out an email to publicist Sibrena Stowe De Fernandez just prior to the event demanding that there be no rappers nor “Love & Hip Hop” cast members in attendance, according to Vibe magazine.

Fernandez was mortified because as LHH’s Rashidah Ali and Lore’l were invited, as were several rappers, including Jim Jones.

Non-celebs also had issues getting in for failing to dress according to the dress code. However, reports say all the Hispanic and black guests were dressed in appropriate attire.

“We were never made aware of any dress code for our guests,” said “Mob Wives” cast member Karen Gravano. “They just didn’t want an urban crowd there. [And] by urban crowd, I mean minorities. I have a biracial daughter; I have a problem with this. We would have taken our party elsewhere.”

Moreover, Resnick made comments to the press asking that they “absolutely not be mentioned” on magazines like VIBE or any other hip-hop culture websites because this was not their “target demographic.” When asked why she instated the ban, Resnick stated she didn’t want to take the chance, citing the Chris Brown and Drake fight.

But this flies in the face of logic for the cast members of “Mob Wives.”

“Has she not watched our show?” “Mob Wives” cast member Ramona Rizzo asked. “There have been times we’ve gotten into it and threw dishes! How do they allow people like us in then?!”


Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. why would anyone want to go to their trashy event anyway? Thos women are gross and disturbing! Yeah let’s party with people who are married to murderers and glamorize it, WTF?

  2. It’s so funny how those that want to distant themselves sooooo much from others, are really just like the ones they are trying to distant themselves from. These women are gross and a f*&&^% joke!

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