Savion Wright
While the Wright family waits with bated breath to find out if the baby of the family, Savion Wright, will be the next American Idol, their hearts remain heavy as they cherish the memory of their beloved Alfred Wright, 28, who was savagely murdered and left in the woods in Sabine County, Tex. in November 2013.

A native of Jasper, Tex. Savion auditioned for a spot on the popular singing competition show in Austin, Tex. Savion speaks highly of his slain brother to media, “Alfred used to say ‘Go for it… what do you have to lose?'”

Savion who plays the piano and the guitar is a senior studying medical humanities at Baylor University in Waco, Tex. “We all played instruments and sang in church … it was always nice having him check it out and he’d be like ‘Uh… I don’t really like it, you need to do something like this or something like that’… So it was cool, it’s good to have siblings that really care for what you do.” 

Savion Wright (left), Alfred Wright (center)

Savion Wright (left), Alfred Wright (center)

Savion is hoping for a victory. “Getting my golden ticket is a piece of a dream coming alive. I can feel it coming!” His biggest music idol is Sting.

“What makes me unique as an artist is  my songwriting. I am the next American Idol because I have universal appeal,” he adds during his audition interview.

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  • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

    Where’s the FBI? The police are so corrupt and full of it they know what happened.

  • Kountriegyrl

    Go savion! We will never forget Alfie! I know he’s proud of you. ..

  • ralph

    what is more disgusting, these silly a…holes who runs the police department can really find some of the most outrageous justifications to voice an explanation for a black man’s murder. It shows total disrespect to this man family and the entire town when your law enforcement has the audacity to utter a statement “he overdosed while having a missing ear and a slit throat!” what a bunch of clowns to have the authority to be in law enforcement with IQ’s well below stupid. Lock-up the entire police department and you’ll have the killers.