Why people are mad about Russell Wilson’s Mother’s Day letter to Ciara

Ciara and Russell Wilson (Instagram – @Ciara)

Russell Wilson’s Mother’s Day Instagram letter to his wife Ciara seemed sweet and innocent enough. However, some folks took exception to the letter’s contents and aired it out on Wilson’s comments section.

Russell, who with Ciara welcomed daughter Sienna Princess Wilson two weeks ago, posted this letter in question:

“You are an amazing mom & I’m so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you & raising our kids. I love you! #HappyMothersDay Weekend my love. @Ciara”

The majority of the people gave props to the Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks quarterback for the post to his wife, while others couldn’t help but find fault with Wilson’s his reference to baby Future Zahir.

According to Future Hive members, Zahir is not his child and the Mother’s Day message was actually a sign of disrespect to baby Future’s father.

“Russ go worry about ur done career, the man’s child can never be urs,” wrote one fan.

“@Future “OUR KIDS”?? typed another. “You got one kid Bruh, one! Don’t disrespect future Bruh.”

Russell and Ciara fans are now battling it out with the Future Hivers in Russell’s comments section with many praising Russell for stepping up to be a good stepdad.

“Baby Future is doubly blessed to have 2 Dads in his life. I salute you for loving him as if he were your own biological child,” said one. “If Future wants to be a deadbeat Russell can step up as the father ,” added another.

There has been substantial tension between the Russell and Ciara fans and Future followers ever since the football baller and the songstress hooked up a couple of years ago, and has increased incrementally as more and more photos of Russell and Future’s son have come out on social media and other places. Don’t look for the three to trade Christmas cards anytime soon.

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  1. Oh people find something more important to battle. Russell should consider her child with Future his child as well, since he will play a huge part in this child upbringing. The same applies to Future if he was to marry someone. His wife should consider his children her children.

  2. WELL he is the boys step dad , if future was dead or absentee , he would be a sole father figure , people in atlanta need to shut up , its nothing but them cuntry hoodies he have for fans , the rest of the world dont give a dam bout future , who is he . . a old aging rapper who career is way over , you talking about russell career? future has no future with that mediocre rap from who knows where , his voice is irritating . period . russell cant do no right , these haters will continue to hate , he is a handsome dude with a good looking wife ., people act like that is a crime? i dont blame him for trying to be a father figure to future jr . .thats what yall claim black men dont do , is care for other mens kids .. a lot of sister dont get no man who cares for their kids .
    a lot of brother in prison .still telling someone else they cant be a father to their kids ?
    future was blessed to attach to ciara he has a career because of her powerful connection to record executives and big wigs like clyde davis , LA reed , and others shows how ungrateful he was after he left this chick pregnant and imbarrassed .. she was bitter most women would been . she moved on and she is happy , future fans are pure hater with no life

  3. plus if future wasnt a rapper he would be locked up for selling dope which he sings about typically in all his music he sings about his hay days in the atlanta trap houses , he is knowh in the drug world in atlanta he even has a street name they call him for dope dealing etc. sort of a drug king pin before his struggles ended when he landed ciara, she had money and bought him up . .now he want to hate just like a thug .. with his thug suppporters

  4. Had he said Our child y’all would have said what about your son. He is a compare to which makes it KidSssssss! Y’all must be fatherless!

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