Twitter destroys Kevin Hart for saying dark-skinned women have bad credit

People upload thoughts and photos onto social media for memories and posterity. But some of what you say and the photographs you take can come back years from now to haunt you. Comedian Kevin Hart



Racism at Cracker Barrel? Black veteran kicked out by manager

Randy Freeman, a 57-year-old Air Force veteran and owner of Williamsburg, VA-based Distinguished Executive Transportation, LLC, has taken his complaint against Cracker Barrel to federal court. While sitting with three of his customers in Cracker


Poet M’Reld Green discusses powerful women and the future of poetry

National Poetry Month is in full swing and wordsmiths from around the country are celebrating. Chicago represents a hub of poetry where some of the most eloquent and prolific poets are born. We spoke with


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Perhaps all of those social media beat-downs have actually taken a serious mental toll on rapper Bow Wow. Shad Moss has been spending quite of time on Twitter and new album articulating morbid thoughts of


Rico Love hosts Tammy Rivera’s new EP release listening party

Shante Traynham and Mimi Carpenter of Eyelash Vizion Marketing and Brand Agency has managed again to pull off a very successful night for the EP release party for Tammy Rivera (wife of Waka Flocka). Waka