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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » African American Mother Starts New Business After Layoff

African American Mother Starts New Business After Layoff

Chavonne Anderson, mompreneur, listened to a higher power and is heeding the advice of economists who say that the economic crisis is as good a time as any to start your own business. Anderson, a wife, mother and entrepreneur, has stepped out on faith and has taken her team sports apparel and embroidery company, CMA Designs, to its next level. She’s opened a storefront in downtown Stone Mountain, Ga., an Atlanta suburb.

“I’d been operating CMA Designs out of my garage since August 2009. One day, an associate told me that I needed to get out of my garage and get into an office space,” reveals Anderson, who dismissed the suggestion.

In August 2008, Anderson and her family were in church and the then-youth pastor preached from the book of Judges in the Bible about Gideon who procrastinated and made excuses. “That next day, my husband said, ‘Baby you need to go ahead and get your business started.’ I said to him, ‘It’s hard to do that when I am at work all day.’ Three days later, I was laid off, and I looked up to the heavens and said, ‘OK, Lord, I hear you,’ ” the mother of three chuckles.

“I didn’t act on the revelation for an entire year. I continued my job search and was collecting unemployment. I didn’t find a job after an entire year of searching. Then, one day, I designed an NFL poster and a lady liked it so much she told me that I was wasting my talent by not pursuing my passion. That spurred me to go and get my business license. My pastor, Kerwin Lee at Berean Christian Church, says, ‘There is a time in life for everything. People are placed in your life for a reason and a season to serve their purpose,'” she shares.

“The Lord ordered my steps. Next thing you know, I met a guy who offered me advice on how to buy wholesale. I attended a trade show that marketed to embroiderers and screen printers and came home and shared the news with my husband that I wanted to start this business. A wrestling coach at the school connected me with a professional embroiderer who had fallen ill and was selling her machine. My husband made a point that I was receiving all of these things, and I had no job and money, filed bankruptcy to save my home and that folks kept giving me stuff. I replied, to him ‘It’s called favor.’ ” Anderson continues, “The financial hardships that I endured are the reasons I want to ensure that my prices remain affordable for families who wish to keep their children involved in sports despite economic conditions.”

On April 30, 2011, CMA Designs held their grand opening. They specialize in screen printing and embroidery for teen sports apparel for cheerleading, dance, football, baseball, basketball, etc., as well as bags, jackets, polos, corporate casuals and logo designs. “This is God’s work. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had to simply step out on faith,” she beams.

Anderson credits her husband of 13 years, Torrance, with being her biggest supporter and says that her children, Jaylen, Destinee and TJ, are very helpful and assist mom. –yvette caslin

For more information, visit CMA Designs at 965 Main Street, Ste. B, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083, or call (678) 580-5722.


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  2. tjk on August 5, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story it is indeed the Lord’s doing. Interestingly, it sounds like my story except I’m still procrastinating but after reading your story, I will step out on faith. God bless you, your family and your business.