Shape Sherpa Talks Fitness and Debut on QVC

Shape Sherpa Talks Fitness and Debut on QVC

Name : Jordan P. Vappie
The Straight Line
Years in the Business:

When did you first discover your love for the health industry?

When I worked as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), I was caring for patients and realized that some of the problems that they had could’ve been avoided with preventive methods, including regular exercise and better food choices.

To me that didn’t seem that hard. So I started gathering all the information I could on preventive medicine. The more I learned, the more I wanted to do for my patients and their caregivers.

I acquired more certifications in the health field and started changing my own lifestyle. I wanted to become a walking, talking example of what I was preaching. Losing over 50 pounds and adding the title of fitness trainer, or should I say Shape Sherpa, to my résumé sparked a love [affair] that has taken me all over the country for the last 17 years, and I am just getting started.

How important is it for a person to work out versus just dieting when they are trying to lose weight?

It’s so important to make sure you partner some sort of physical activity with a well-balanced diet. Let me tell you, dieting mixed with exercising will make you a calorie-burning machine and not a storage bin for fat. Getting to the goal you have set for that wonderful body of yours will be quicker with a workout plan in place. By paring the two, there’s less of a chance of you gaining the weight back. Stay consistent and have balance.

Shape Sherpa Talks Fitness and Debut on QVC

What is the Straight Line Workout System? How effective is it on a scale of 1 to 10?

The Straight Line Workout System is an easy, effective and efficient way to do resistance training anywhere. For the person who wants to get in shape minus the hassles of a gym, the Straight Line is good choice. With the Straight Line Workout System, in just 20 minutes or less you can exercise, raise your heart rate, burn over 200 calories and be entertained. I would rate the Straight Line a 10! Yes, I said it … a 10 in effectiveness.

How long and how many times a week does a person have to work out before they see results using the Straight Line?

In most cases, people who follow the program religiously will start seeing the effects of the Straight Line in the first week. Now results may vary depending upon your body type. In the first week you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and want more. That’s what I’ve been told and that’s what I believe.  As for the frequency, I’m a firm believer in a steady routine of getting online with Straight Line for a minimum of three times a week. Now remember each session is 20 minutes or less. What I would love for people to do is concentrate on the fact that for 20 minutes they invest in their quality of life and everything after that is fat-free, low-sodium, no calorie gravy. And we love gravy!  C’mon!

Shape Sherpa Talks Fitness and Debut on QVC

What advice do you have for the person who loses the weight, only to have it return?

The weight loss has to be as a result of a lifestyle change, not a quick fix or a magic cleanse with no follow-up. If you do the same thing over and over thinking there is going to be a different answer you might be “insane.” With a healthy lifestyle, your margin of era is decreased due to the simple fact that your eating habits are better and you will be exercising regularly.

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The Shape Sherpa’s Straight Line program debuts on QVC today.

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