William Levy’s Booty-Shaking Domination

For his judges choice re-do, William and his partner, Cheryl Burke, are challenged to perform their very first dance, a Cha Cha, which Bruno explains will really show off how much William has improved over the competition. Of course, Bruno also took time to admire William’s bum. “Your hip action is just like sex on legs,” said Bruno. Well, William’s moves, sex appeal and butt worked heavily in his favor because the judges melted over his routine and awarded him a perfect score of 30.

For his freestyle routine, William and Cheryl did what they do best: mixing sex, William’s bare chest and butt-shaking with Latin-themed dance. And while the fans were expectedly impressed, the judges were divided. Carrie Ann and Bruno were of course mesmerized by the routine, but Len commented that William played it safe and that he was “fed up with it.” In the end, William and Cheryl were awarded a 29, making their final score a staggering 59.


Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.