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Rush Limbaugh Says ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Villain Named After Mitt Romney’s Firm

Flamboyant right-wing radio show host Rush Limbaugh accused the makers of the highly-anticipated film, Dark Knight Rises, of purposely naming the villain, Bane, after thecontroversial firm that GOP presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney ran.

Romney’s firm’s name  is pronounced the same as the villain Bane but is spelled “Bain.” Limbaugh, who frequently makes highly incendiary and outlandish claims on air that earns him high ratings and mass media coverage, again went on a tirade earlier this week about the coincidence of the naming of the villainous character. Romney has come under fire from President Obama’s campaign team because the investment firm Bain made a fortune using questionable practices and outsourced many jobs overseas.

The Washington Post completely refutes Limbaugh’s claims and implores the public to pump the brakes on the conspiracy theories about “liberal” Hollywood:

“The mask-wearing Bane character was created in 1993 by comic-book creators Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, long before Romney was running for president (though a year before he ran unsuccessfully for Massachusetts senator against Ted Kennedy). The movie was already in pre-production before Romney declared his intention to run in 2012; the date of its release was scheduled long ago,” the newspaper writes.

Sometimes, Limbaugh’s mindless invectives have backfired tremendously. Earlier this year, Limbaugh was forced to apologize to a Georgetown University graduate student after he called her a “prostitute” for wanting the private religious college to hand out free condoms to prevent the spread of STD’s.

Listen below to hear what Limbaugh has to say about Dark Knight Rises and draw your own conclusions if this is, again, the ramblings of a lunatic or not.

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1 Comment

  1. KD on July 24, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Classic Limbaugh. All it would have taken was 3rd grade level internet research to reveal that Bane wasn’t created for this movie. In fact, Bane was Poison Ivy’s muscle in Batman & Robin which was released in the summer of 1997.