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Stacey Dash Writes Extremely Depressing Letter After Romney Loses

The presidential candidate that made clueless Stacey Dash relevant beyond her Clueless fame, Mitt Romney, has lost the election, and Dash poured the contents of her soul on paper in 1,300-word essay.

Oftentimes in the letter, Dash sounds, well, clueless.

“Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones,” Dash said in the letter to TMZ. “People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama. That’s not how full participants in the democratic process operate. We vote for candidates and we vote for issues.”

At times the letter veered to the bizarre, painting oddly specific pictures and using the third-person point of view, just in case you forgot who was writing it. “An elderly woman stands in the same grocery line pinching pennies to buy a can of soup while a woman is buying marshmallow fluff with food stamps…,” she wrote. “Ultimately I know that what Stacey Dash thinks about who will be the next president of the United States isn’t that important in the scheme of things- but I feel a desperation for the country. The fact is, that when the two parties are not working together, it makes things worse!”

Dash got back on Twitter again this morning to congratulate Romney and Ryan on fighting “the good fight.”

Doubtlessly had Romney won, Dash would have become the darling of the presidential administration, not to mention conservative Hollywood. Now Dash can only retreat back to deserved obscurity.

To read the remainder of Dash’s bizarre letter, click here. 

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  1. zobop republic on November 8, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Ms. Dash better hope the ‘Clueless’ reunion last longer than 15 minutes.
    Otherwise it’s back to obscurity for Stacey!