‘Te’oing’ takes over social media

'Te'oing' takes over social media

Te’oing photos

After Manti Te’o’s bizarre faux girlfriend tale was exposed, a new trend appeared on social media of people posing with their invisible partners. Te’oing is the act of posing with a nonexistent significant other often with a humorous caption. And since Manti Te’o’s lover, Lennay Kekua, has proven to be nonexistant, the Te’oing trend has officially taken over.

Twitter and Tumblr have been flooded with Te’oing pictures of Notre Dame fans and foes poking fun at the college athlete. Te’oing is just the latest social media trend to catch on. Previously, people took part in Tebowing to mock NFler Tim Tebow and planking.

Below are some of the most hilarious Te’oing photos we’ve found.  –danielle canada

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