A tribute to mothers: We hear her cry

Dr. Dorothy I. Height, mother of the Civil Rights Movement
Dr. Dorothy I. Height, mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. To this day, Mother’s Day is the very miracle channel that serves us all. We should ask ourselves, how could we — at this very key time in life — begin to give mothers the benefit of love and reduce their stress and their strife?

Beyoncé and first lady Michelle Obama are icons. But, do their good deeds provide enough hope for women living in fear? These mothers cry.

Today’s mothers face a new and more difficult race. How do they continue to give hope in such times of despair — when their sons are abandoned or killed in the street and are left with untapped dreams they instilled in them. How does a mother compete?

Beyoncé shares lovely images of her life with her daughter, Blue Ivy, which is a pretty picture. But, there are mothers living in despair, unpopular and non-celebrities, until they’re kidnapped or connected to a drive-by shooting. Tears flow involuntarily from a mother’s eyes. On Mother’s Day, we need to be in a race to build a new and continued human race.

It is those mothers who have been there from the very start, you see. Even grandmothers who are there to greet and feed us. As we navigate through generations, mothers are in despair at 35 years old. They’re grandmothers, no longer mothers for their children-to-be.

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