Meet Redaric Williams: The hot new reason to tune into ‘The Young and the Restless’


Initially, Williams, like some of the fans, had misgivings about Tyler. As his role progressed, however, he’s been pleasantly surprised by Tyler’s depth. “He puffs out his chest and wants the world to think he’s one way,” explains Williams, “but, underneath, he’s very much so hurting.”

It’s that vulnerability that Lily zoned in on. As they got to know each other as co-workers and friends, their bond strengthened in spite of her marital status. “She kind of saw behind the curtain and I think that’s what even drew him in more so,” Williams explains.

“They say that [we] are three different people: there’s who we think we are, who we want people to think we are and who we really are, but, basically, you get drawn in even more so when someone sees your true colors and they’re still there. And he sees that ‘she’s actually a genuine person and she actually cares about me as a human being and she saw me with my walls down.’ It’s almost like a vortex; he just got sucked in even more and more and more.”

This doesn’t just happen on the soaps, Williams notes. “As an actor, these storylines are just a blessing after a blessing after a blessing but, in real life, that’s a dangerous place to be,” he warns. “You talk about dealing with a co-worker, which is very common; that’s a very, very real scenario [with] married couples or even people who are in extended relationships that are very committed to one another, and they have a co-worker who maybe is getting a little too close for comfort.

“It’s a very realistic depiction of a dangerous life situation and I think that’s why it makes for good viewing,” he adds. “People kind of tune in because they want to see what’s going to happen because I think [we] can kind of learn from situations that we see on the soaps.”

Although the Gemini, born June 8, admits that he is very driven and creative like Tyler and his sister, his twin actually, is also a lawyer, Williams insists that he and Tyler differ in one very big way. “He’s emotional and Redaric, I’m not emotional. I’m not an emotional person at all — I don’t get rattled very easily.”

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