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Amanda Seales has the humor game all sealed up

Amanda Seales is the queen of reintroduction. Since her first big break as a child actor on the 1994 Nickelodeon sitcom “My Brother and Me,” she’s been in and out of the spotlight. As VJ Amanda Diva on MTV2, she enjoyed

Rotimi thrives on ‘Power’ and in real life

It takes many actors decades to get to where Rotimi Akinosho is right now. He’s so hot that he just goes by one name. As Dre on “Power” for the past two seasons, he’s gotten his weight all the way

Catching up with Hollywood’s latest sensation, DeWanda Wise

If DeWanda Wise wasn’t on your radar before, she certainly is now. This season, the bronze-skinned beauty with striking caramel eyes has captivated audiences by pulling double duty as Clara on “Underground” and Shameeka Campbell on “Shots Fired.” In one,

Ashley Blaine Featherson talks ‘Dear White People’

Some folks may recognize Ashley Blaine Featherson as Whitney, who is at the center of the wacky online dating triangle from the Black and sexy TV series, “Hello Cupid.” More, however, may know her as Joelle “Curls” Brooks from the

Examining the Cannon effect

At just 35, Nick Cannon has been in the entertainment mix for nearly 20 years. From hosting “Caught on Camera with Nick Cannonî” to “America’s Got Talent,” both on NBC, to producing the Oxygen reality show “Like A Boss,” co-starring

SUVs all dads love

SUVs remain a favorite among dads Lots of dads just don’t do minivans, especially not the cool ones. And, thankfully, they don’t have to. These three rides are proof positive that it is indeed possible to cart the family around in

Help dad get into the spirit this Father’s Day

Dad approved gift for Father’s Day Hennessy and Crown Royal probably already have a place at your dad’s bar. But chances are none of the spirits below do. So treat the old man and expand his palate a little. After

10 reasons Fitz is not the one for Olivia Pope

As exciting as it has been for many women to envision the President of the United States, even as fictional as Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III is, stepping out on his wife, especially a manipulative and conniving one like Mellie, and

Keith David on ‘The Bible’

Keith David: “In this political climate that we’re in here in America, [they’re] trying to take God out of the schools, out of public places and, where you find an absence of God, you find things like that last school shooting.”

Women of Power Summit: 5 female bosses you should know

From Feb. 27 to March 1, Black Enterprise presented its eighth annual Women of Power Summit, hosted by State Farm, at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, Fla. The lineup included many powerhouses, including these five black women bosses everyone should

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