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Fitness trainer Kiwi on customized workouts and enormous benefits of losing unhealthy weight

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Where do you go after being a professional athlete and national champion? That’s a question fitness coach Kiana “Kiwi” Dennis had to answer.

The former running back for the Detroit Demolition and five-time women’s pro football champ set her sights on what she loves to do — personal training.

Her Blood Sweat and Tears XTRM Training is an intense workout program that puts fun and focus into losing pounds. The certified kickboxing coach and trainer operates out of Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Title Fitness Club and iSweat Studios. She specializes in personal and group workouts and offers a personalized experience for those who are ill or injured.

Coach Kiwi’s goal is to not just change her clients’ bodies but their whole lifestyle from how they eat to how they prepare themselves mentally and spiritually. Her training sessions are personalized group experiences, she says, with a holistic and inspirational approach.

“I send clients motivational texts and phone calls that may make the difference in their lives,” she shares. “Once you lose unhealthy weight, your life changes.”

Coach Kiwi also teaches a 30-day boot camp at iSweat Studios called iSweat for a Better Body, which incorporates cycling, boxing and circuit training.

She was also involved in “Pretty Sore Losers,” a YouTube reality series produced by Stevie B that follows six women on a 12-week challenge to lose weight.

Led by coach Kiwi, the women chronicle their experiences from their personal lives, lifestyle change, eating habits, and a series of intense and fun training sessions. Filming began June 10 at Title Boxing Club of Farmington Hills.

“Her approach and dedication to [our] health and well-being were a perfect fit for this lifestyle challenge,” said Stevie B.

TBC Farmington Hills owner Ashok Kumar says that coach Kiwi is amazing and the response to her classes has been overwhelming. According to Kumar, Title is one of the fastest growing franchises in the nation and to have “Pretty Sore Losers” use the location is a natural fit.

“When Kiwi reached out to me to [say] what she was doing with the show, it was a no-brainer,” he said. “Having these girls here and doing the workouts, they’re going to see results.”

The Power Hour class is an intense 60-minute workout: 30 minutes on the bag and 30 minutes of cardio burns 1,000 calories.

Coach Kiwi says the workout is for everyone from 8 to 80 years old because it’s a full-body workout that allows participants to go at their own pace.