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Stevie J says he’s married

Stevie J admits to being married

After seemingly breaking her heart on the season finale of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” did Stevie J accept Joseline Hernandez’s marriage proposal? That’s the question that’s being asked today about the reality star after he posted a cryptic tweet online.

Shortly after viewers watched J offer Mimi Faust an engagement ring so she could be “life partners” alongside him and Joseline, the Grammy-winning producer posted the message below on Twitter:

“Love & Hip Hop” fans quickly retweeted the tweet and barraged J with questions.


And while viewers are still scratching their heads over J’s reported marriage news, the nuptials could have been taped for a reported spin-off starring the dysfunctional couple.

J recently told Power 107.5 that he and Joseline (who was by his side at the time) are in talks for a spin-off show.


“Well, yeah, absolutely,” said J. We really appreciate the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ the franchise and you know, we’re definitely in discussions about the spin-off right now.”

If a spin-off is truly in the works, then viewers will have to wait and see whether Stevie J and Joseline tie the knot.

–danielle canada