Jill Scott sounds off on race, relationships and real love


Don’t feel no pity for me, cause I’m going through a couple things, life means change. –“Wanna Be Loved”

Scott has experienced the joys of falling in love and getting married. She was in a relationship for 12 years and married for five. But in 2007, she divorced. The situation was a learning experience that taught her about herself and what she ultimately needs in a mate.

“When it was time to go, it was time to go,” Scott reveals. “I now know if I were to ever get married again, it’s all the way or we’re not going. We’re not making that next move at all. That’s the issue with me. That means I have to find someone willing to make that same exact commitment. If not, life is good. Fruit is sweet, traveling is awesome, and family is healthy. I’ll live, but I would prefer to sit and love someone equally. I’m understanding love even more because I have a child. I know regardless of what he does; spill juice all over the floor or draw on the wall, that I still love him anyway. I still want his company. I still have a deep desire to hold his hand. That’s the next level of love regardless of what’s going on. We still care for one another. We’ve lost a lot of that.”

Finding true love takes sacrifice. Whether it’s singing a song, writing a poem or acting, Scott delivers the complexities of love superbly as an artist. She’s knows that we are all strong in certain moments and, at times, weak to our own perceptions and desires. But it’s all a part of being human, and Scott is deeply in touch with human emotions.

“It’s not about falling for just anybody,” Scott says. “You want to love the whole person. I think we’re all on a hunt. I think everybody wants to be loved and appreciated and wanted. But, you can’t just choose whoever fits the bill. There has to be a connection in a very real way. You have to be there through the good and bad times. I think this movie opens the door for us to explore those thoughts. It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s very romantic.”

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