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Music » Gucci Mane and other rappers with drug addictions

Gucci Mane and other rappers with drug addictions

Gucci Mane - Lean Cover


Gucci Mane has been the talk of the town for all of the wrong reason this past week as fans have been clamoring over his infamous twitter war with Nicki Minaj (who he claimed he slept with), Tyga, Waka Flocka Flame and several of his former hip-hop buddies.

Things got even worse for Gucci when he was arrested and taken to a hospital for evaluation. Now, after initially claiming that his Twitter had been hacked, Gucci recently owned up to his bad behavior and claimed that it was all the result of his addiction to ‘lean,’ a street drink that consists of prescription-strength cough syrup and soft drinks.

The troubled rapper claimed that he plans to check into rehab to get professional help for his addiction, which he claims has left him unable to remember most of the controversial things he’s done over the past week.

While we hope Gucci finally gets the psychiatric help he needs to face his demons, he is, unfortunately, not the only rapper to fall victim to drug addiction. Check out a list of other rappers that have been addicted to drugs below. – nicholas robinson



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