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Depressed man cuts off penis after failing to find a girlfriend


A man who had trouble finding a woman to date, severed his penis in frustration. According to reports by the Daily Mail, Yang Hu, 26, had recently moved to Zhejiang, China, and worked long hours in a clothing factory.

Because of his strenuous work schedule, he rarely had an opportunity to meet women and date. After losing hope and believing that he no longer needed his manhood, the depressed man decided to cut off his penis.

Bleeding profusely, the man rushed to the hospital. Doctors told the man to go back home and  find the other half of his penis so that they could attempt to reattach it. But when the man returned to the hospital, doctors told him that it had been without blood too long and it could not be reattached.

The man was treated, but his friends were upset because doctors didn’t send him home in an ambulance so that he could have returned to the hospital faster.