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LeBron James restores New Orleans Boys and Girls Club during NBA All-Star weekend


LeBron James stepped away from the fun and festivities of NBA All-Star weekend to give back to the community. James teamed up with Sprite to help renovate the Boys and Girls Club in Gretna, Louisiana (a small city 15 minutes outside of New Orleans).

Rolling out was on hand as James unveiled the new court and mural.

“It’s a lot going doing NBA All-Star weekend,” LeBron James said. “But I try to prioritize and do things that are a lot more meaningful. I got a chance to see the conditions of this place before and it was really bad. But to see the transformation is wonderful.

“When looking at these kids, you can see the energy and spirit that they have. It’s great for them to have a place like this and have people around them who will believe in them. To inspire kids in the inner city means more to me than anything. I have two kids of my own and I know how important it is for every kid to have a chance to make his or her dream a reality.”

According to The LeBron James Foundation, James has helped to renovate over 23 Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide.

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Photos and story: A.R. Shaw